Sunday, September 26, 2010

EI 360

Today's poll question, how many hours do you think someone should work in order to qualify for Employment Insurance? There is a battle brewing in Ottawa over EI, and it could very well contribute to the fall of the government and the triggering of the next election. Should the hours needed to quality for benefits be lowered to 360, and should benefits of the long time unemployed be extended?

We know that the Liberals can't take the moral high ground on money going in or out of the EI fund with the skeletons in their closet, this is however a major issue for their coalition partner, the NDP. Have you noticed over the past year how Liberal and NDP policies have drifted closer together? I'm sure Jack Layton didn't sacrifice his rural caucus to save the Liberal gun registry without expecting a little quid pro quo in return.

There are also people who have been on EI for a very long time and their benefits are set to expire and if the government does not extend them that could trigger a vote of no confidence by the opposition. While I have sympathy for the unemployed, there are a lot of jobs available right now. You may not find your dream job in your field of choice, but if you are flexible and willing to work in other industries, there are plenty of choices available to you.


  1. As important as the hours to qualify are the rules should be the same everywhere in Canada.

  2. I think they should alter this "tax" and create individual EI savings accounts. The whole system is designed to be jigged for political purposes, not citizens. Both individuals and employers should pay into it and people should have the freedom to use it when they need it or towards retraining. Incentives all around to use it wisely.

  3. As long as it is funded by the liberal party from the moneys they misappropriated from EI,I have no problems with it.Wonder if ignatieff and layton are going to 'whip' their monkey caucuses for rubys bill C-428.PM Harper should move that one front and centre ASAP.