Monday, September 20, 2010

Prime Minister Increasing Funding To Fight Disease

On Tuesday Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the United Nations to lobby for a substantial increase in funding for the fight against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in the developing world. These are three of the most substantial viral killers on Earth and dollar for dollar fighting those diseases can save thousands, if not millions more lives than building an abortion clinic on every street corner. I wonder if the Liberals in Question Period will decry the PM for fighting AIDS, Malaria, and TB in Africa when what those Africans really need are more abortions?  I am proud to have Stephen Harper represent my country on the world stage, and I believe that meeting with the most powerful people in the world serves a useful purpose beyond what Liberals call a shameless photo-op.


  1. The party of population control may require state funded abortion services and sex education as part of their African solution.

    Liberals can't accept we don't support their dogma of one child per family and big government.

    Saving lives only pertains to their optics on policies such as LGR, doing the real work is not sexy.

  2. Yes, shutting down vague CIDA and UN $$$ directed to nothing could be good. Do we know how much is smoke and mirrors?