Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oliver Interviews Ignatieff

I took a break from Sunday football to watch Craig Oliver interview Iggy, the day before Parliament is set to resume. For the majority of his answers on matters of economics, he tried to take both sides of the issues. He complains about the deficit and often repeats that he "had nothing to do with it"; where he seems to forget that his first act as unelected Liberal leader in January of 2009 was demanding a stimulus. He says that we can't afford a second stimulus, but that we need to maintain the current stimulus spending. His answer on Arenagate was almost comical. He took every side of the debate without actually taking a policy position.

I also couldn't help but notice how often he sticks his tongue out of his mouth when he speaks. It would be amusing to assemble some freeze frame photos of Iggy in various moments of him sticking out his tongue. Oliver did ask him tougher questions than did Mansbridge. When asked to respond to criticism that he should have promoted more women in his most recent cabinet shuffle, Iggy pointed out that the deputy house leader is a very important job.


  1. If deputy house leader is such an important job, why did Iggy put Ralph there? Stupid is as stupid does, the only worst person he could have put there would have been door-knob Easter.

  2. Wasn't landslide annie a deputy leader and also Sheila Copps. Is iggy saying they shouldn't have had those jobs.

  3. Landslide Annie was the only Liberal seat in Alberta,
    And Ralph has the lone seat in Sask.

    As if Ralph represents the West,
    the Minister that had farmers thrown into jail for selling their own grain.

  4. I watch Iggy as well. Did you notice how much he waved his hands/arms? I thought that was new. Also, his blue shirt--It looked like someone told him to take off his tie and jacket. That was a dress shirt!

  5. TangoJuliette sez:

    The Prince of Prorogation, who will be absent from The House embarking on campaign tours, got his tieless, sleeves-rolled-up schtick for Dolt-On - who got it from a U.S. Image Consultant who "designed" the look for some successful U.S. pols.




  6. It was the Liberals who last balanced the books. It was the Reform Conservatives that cut back the GST that caused us when the recession hit (that Harper and Flaherty repeatedly said would not happen) to accumulate a deficit. I have talked to a number of former Progressive Conservatives who don't like where Stephen Harper is taking their former party and what he has done to this country – he has irrevocably changed it for the worse. These former Progressive Conservatives have joined the “big red tent”.He wants to build prisons but he initially voted for on first and second reading when the long gun registry was first introduced. He was MIA in July after the billion dollar boondoggle of the G20/G28 that got Tony Clement an arena for his riding and the fake lake and turned the city of Toronto into a city we didn't recognize.

    Stephen Harper is the person who said that Paul martin supported pedophilia - it was with that statement that I vowed to get rid of Stephen Harper. He has utter contempt for anyone other than himself. I sent a note to Lisa Raitt imploring her to support the gun registry and this was her response. "Our Conservative government continues to stand against the wasteful long-gun registry that unfairly targets law-abiding gun owners". This statement is despite the fact that the majority of police associations support the long gun registry. This statement is also from the woman who talked about the “sexy isotope” situation and on Canada Day in Milton wished the new Canadians “a nice stay”.
    The Conservatives continue to demonize their opposition colleagues - no wonder they will never ever get a majority government – most Canadians are fair minded..

  7. There is no question that Goodale was demoted. Deputy Leader is an honorary role and really has no duties attached to it other than to fill in for the leader when he is not in the House. I cannot stand watching Ignatieff. The tongue thing reminds me of a lizard who is always flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth. Coupled with the eybrows which are in constant revolt he has the creep factor attached to him (so says my wife).
    He is trying to straddle the fence and the media allow him to get away with it. However, at some time the points of the pickets are going to begin to hurt and he is going to have to take a firm position on something.
    The changes in the chairmanships of some of the committees was interesting. Particularly Szabo losing his cherished Ethics Committee chairmanship.