Monday, April 26, 2010

Liberals Re-Open Abortion Debate?

I found it odd today to listen to Liberal MPs say that the abortion debate is suddenly open again because the Government has said that funding foreign abortions would not be Canadian policy. This is odd because the Liberals defeated their own motion to attempt to symbolically force the Government to fund foreign abortions. How is the debate re-opened when the Minister just announced what Parliament already confirmed? Canadians don't want to pay for abortions abroad. That was represented in the House of Commons, when the Liberals defeated their own legislation.

Soloman practically did his whole show on this today, and it is the headline story over at the CBC politics page. They must have forgotten that the Liberals motion was defeated by the Liberal Party.


  1. Abortion isn't health care. It kills an innocent human being. It's an act of violence and a violation of the most fundamental human right.

    Shame on the sophists who make cynical appeals to "choice" and "reproductive rights". These slogans are totally transparent and without substance. People should be forced to confront what abortion actually is, instead of comforting themselves with such shallow reasoning.

  2. Aiming to eradicate needless abortions all together by spreading info regarding fertility awareness.... its more my wifes stick but I can't help but speak up on it myself from time to time.

    I post this nearly every time I see a blog post regarding abortion. Think of it as a good kinda spam post. all positive, mushy and for a good cause.

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    ...oh and it ought to finally shut up that mr.iggy.

  3. The Liberals and NDP are more than willing to throw the whole program under the bus rather than allow it to proceed without their little pet policy being included. Women's maternal health...hah, who gives a damn; the important issue here is abortion. If these women can't have abortions then they can't have any help.
    Just ask Hillary Clinton. Since she knows what is best for the U.S., she obviously must know what's best for the world.

  4. Randomly turn on CBC Newsworld at anytime today, and you have a better than 50% chance of seeing someone talking about abortion. Who is trying to start a debate here?

  5. Re-opening the abortion debate could be seen as another front of the Culture war. It seems abortion is supported by a lot of women, and almost all far left liberals, so it's like a beating a drum to bring the troops back home to the Liberal camp.

    Iceman indicated the CBC would be trying to persue this agenda. They wouldn't give aid and comfort to the Liberals, would they? That would be a show of bias, wouldn't it?

  6. 2nd post for this anon..

    Well I just had good chuckle. At 3:30 pm our time, I turned on CBCNN for the first time today and guess what? There were 2 ladies discussing abortion, womens views on it, and party support.

    We surf among the prophets it would appear.