Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't Mess With the Zsohar!

Evidently it is now permissible to refer to politicians by their spouse’s name, even if that Member of Parliament retained her maiden name after the marriage. Take Liberal leader Mike Zsohar, who recently in Question Period referred to Helena Guergis as "Mrs Jaffer". Here I was under the mistaken impression that members of Parliament were not supposed to name other members by name in Question Period, and that doing so warranted getting your microphone cut off in the middle of your "question". That is of course if you count how did Mr and Mrs Jaffer get their tentacles around the throat of government a real question.

I recall seeing footage recently of a female Liberal MP who repeatedly insisted on using the Prime Minister's name in Question Period, and the speaker kept cutting out her mic. Shouldn't Iggy's mic have been cut as soon as he said Mrs Jaffer, followed by a stern warning from the Speaker? Or can the Tories call Iggy by name so long as they say Mr. Zsohar?

Speaking of the Speaker, how long is it supposed to take him to read Derek Lee’s Contempt of Parliament motion? This is getting a bit ridiculous.


  1. hehe If you mess with Zsohar he's gonna mess with you until he's done....

    unless he doesn't realize he's done.

  2. Ah shit, how did I miss the "if you mess with the Zsohar, he'll mess with you until he's done" joke! You beat me to it bud.

  3. If spouses names can be switched back and forth, I feel sorry for Mrs. "Door-Knobs" Easter.

  4. Just read Heather Malice's latest op piece for CBC. Do they actually pay her for the crap she writes? Does the MA in her bio stand for Malicious Asshole?
    What kind of person takes such delight in the misfortunes of others? Oh yeah, Liberals. Probably Mr. Zsohars favorite writer. After himself, of course.

  5. This analogy will be a back breaker for OLD Mr Zzzz, I predict. He is very protective of this aspect of his life and perhaps a few jabs at him by impatient and disgusted people that vote conservative, will tune him into the huge fact that him and his loser team have gone to far.
    About 6 weeks ago.

  6. Speaker to rule on motion this week, according the NNW.
    To me the question is,
    Should the govt be allowed to keep national secrets away from our enemies, in Afghan and the media.
    Should the govt be forced to publish all our secrets so more of our troops can be killed and the media and liberals can say gotcha.

  7. I think it is time that mr zsohar,& his party of misognists learn some Canadian history.Next time they exit the HoC turn left,walk about 100 metres and look at the Famous Five Women Statues entitled ' Women Are Persons'.Emily Murphy if alive today would certainly rip mr zsohar a new rectum.To be a woman in the liberal caucus must feel that one belongs to the oldest profession.

  8. What Peter M should do.

    He should tell the liberals " I don't know why you people are so hot and bothered about the taliban detainees, they didn't seem to be in your radar when you were in government especially when abuse did take place during your time in government. I also do remember that the canadian military sent into afghanistan were ignored by you so to say all those years when abuse were taking place under your very watch, you never bothered nor railed on the issue so why the sudden hypocrisy." Therefore I rule that there is no grounds of any kind to hold this present conservative government responsible for your(liberal) very own neglect."
    However, I would issue this government to reoppen this whole matter dated from the date the troops were sent into afghanistan without a debate first in parliament."
    Lastily to our men women in uniformers who gave their lives for the freedom we take for granted, my deepest condolences and thank you."

    Now to all members in the HOC, the matter is closed."
    Sit down and shut the hell up before you get our troops killed with rantings.(couldn't resist this)

  9. "On the London social scene, he was a celebrity intellectual -- hence that GQ cover -- and gossip fodder when he had a messy breakup from his first wife, with whom he has two children, and in 1999, married Zsuzsanna Zsohar. "

    From an old Toronto Sun article.

    Apparently Ignatieff was boffing his current wife while still married to his first wife.

    Now,I hate to bring up old news like this, but it seems to be in vogue these days,and the Liberals believe there are no holds barred,otherwise why would they continually refer to Mulroney and Schreiber.

    So, if we are to refer to Guergis as Mrs.Jaffer, would it not also be fair to refer to Ignatieff as ,"The Right Honourable Adulterer representing Etobicoke", in the interests of accuracy?