Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are Conservative women unfairly attacked because of gender?

With all the hoopla escalating in the Parliamentary press gallery the past couple of weeks concerning Helena Guergis, I have seen a number of respondents point out that there is a systematic history of left leaning pundits and politicians engaging in deliberate character assassination against Conservative women. Whether it be Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, or now Helena Guergis, is there a pattern here? What are the most outrageous examples of this type of attack? Rosemary Barton's "brilliant" theory on Friday while talking with Don Newman was that female Conservative MPs keep popping up in controversies because "they have a thin talent pool to choose from."  Rosie and I disagree.

I should defer my defense of Conservative women to "Climbing Out of the Dark", a female Blogging Tory who wrote two very insightful posts on this subject this week:

Lefty MPs Attack Female Conservative MPs

A Long Tradition of Bullying

As an aside, I do not believe that Sarah Palin is electable as President, and it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with experience. But I absolutely think the treatment she received from goofs like Bill Maher and 3/4 of the Huffington Post during the last election was insane and unwarranted.


  1. Helena Guergis- MBA
    Rona Ambrose- Masters/Arts Pol-Sc (speaks 4 languages)
    Lisa Raitt- Masters Chem/1998 called to the ONT bar

    The vocal critics....

    Marlene Jennings - former lawyer
    Anita Neville- BA Pol Sci
    Libby Davis- University drop out

    Source Wiki

    It speaks for itself as does the intelligence of ALL Conservative female contributors on the BT blogs.....
    I rest my case..

  2. You can add the vicious and unnecessary attacks on Leona Aglukkaq by Carolyn Bennett and others. Joe Clark's wife, Maureen McTeer, was criticized, as she did not fit the mold. Pat Carney got the NEP dismantled in spite of bureaucrats and personal criticisms.

  3. Imagine the jealousy someone like Libby Davis feels towards a real woman like Rona ,Lisa or Helena. Then take a look at the Bloc women. Disgusting. The Libs have some quality like Judy Sgro and Martha Findlay and Albina Guarnieri. The rest of the Libs are trailer trash. Maybe not the woman from Etobicoke-North.

  4. Thanks for the links Iceman. Someone should do a montage of opposition MP's vs Conservative MP's, but that would be sexist for a male blogger, maybe not for a female blogger.

    Even female bloggers are targeted by the lefties. They basically can't stand strong, smart, independent women who are Conservative, whether it be MP's or bloggers, or people like Ann Coulter.

  5. There is no doubt that the SOW sisterhood feel betrayed by every female who does not buy into their agenda. "Body Bag" bennett is a disgrace to all Canadians yet there she sits...

    Guys like Apps and the evil Scot Reid, just like "Bermuda" martin (Mr. Dithers) was, are intimidated by Women with smarts.

    There is no doubt that a huge double standard exists between how women are treated in politics, particularly the smart, self-made women that characterize Conservative female politicians, and the token females that sit in the grit and socialist parties.

  6. CC, is it just me or is your audience shrinking? 22 hits? Is that all you've got?

    I want more!