Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trudeau Wants An Apology?

Justin Trudeau lost his temper in Parliament calling a Conservative Minister a "piece of s**t", and he thinks Peter Kent should apologize. Really??? Yesterday he Tweeted "I used unparliamentary language and apologized. Is Kent going to apologize for chiding the Opp for not being at COP17 -when HE banned us!" Keep talking JT, because you aren't doing your party any favours by dropping expletives in the House of Commons. Justin, you are a piece of s**t and I demand an apology from you for making me so upset that I was left with no choice but to curse at you. You are responsible for my irresponsible behavior! This is all your fault!

Come on man! This is ridiculous. The CBC is defending Justin this morning. They did a segment reading e-mails and the host starts off by saying "instead of focusing on what he said, we should look at why he was upset." Then he only read e-mails with that theme.


  1. Justin Trudeau looks like an idiot with his "goatee" running down his chin like drooled molasses,and when he opens his mouth,proves he is.

    This is the guy the Liberals hope can be their future Messiah? Only if Liberals are as dumb as their critics claim!

  2. The CBC is defending Trudeau; that says it all. It would be a toss-up to figure out which of the two is nuttier. They both live in echo chambers and are totally out of touch with Canadians.

  3. he won my vote for calling it like it is.

  4. This self important immature little man not only did not apologize.
    No apology contains a qualifier "He made me do it"
    Now he wants an apology?
    Good grief nobody banned anyone, little Justin of Trudeau does not seem to understand that the third place party doesn't get to do everything that the party with the Majority does.
    This isn't the Elementary school he was subbing at everyone doesn't get a ribbon,or trophy for showing up.
    Someone needs to open a big can of STFU and pour it all over this mewling little excuse for an MP.
    Perhaps SUN TV will do that CBC is in protect mode.
    They are as useless as the Liberals they champion
    Cheers Bubba

  5. what does he mean 'he banned them'...Liz May went. Or does he mean that he banned their way being pAid by the Gov't

  6. AG I think you mean they banned them being paid for by the Canadian taxpayers. This is not a communist country yet, they were all free to go on their taxpayer provide salary.

  7. Official delegation did not include opposition members and shouldn’t have since the official delegation was there to present the Canadian government’s stand and position and since the opposition did not embrace the government’s position and were not prepared to present it or defend it, that would be counter productive.
    However Peter Kent did not take any steps or try to prevent anyone, including opposition members, from attending the Durban conference but they sure in hell were not going to go to Durban and be allowed to claim they were representing the Canadian government in any official capacity.

  8. TangoJuliette sez

    "He/They/She/ The Devil made me do it!"
    ~ Flip Wilson ... and any kids in grades one to four who have not yet learned that a mature individual is responsible for personal conduct, behaviour and speech.

    Few people can truly MAKE anyone do anything.

    He sounds like most wife beaters whose constant refrain is the mantra: "she burnt the roast and I gave her a well-deserved good'un upside the head. Really. She made me do it!"

    justin le p'tit dauphin Turdeau continues to display all signs of childish, petulant librano entitlement, librano B.S. and snot-nosed librano superciliousness.

    The boychild is a ponce, a lickspittle and boot-licking lackey, sitting at a post not earned by him, to which he brings snide and nasal-whining bon mots best suited to the likes of longshoremen, Regimental Sergeant Majors and underpaid spittoon polishers and towel boys at Madam Maggie's Brothel.

    nuff said. justin, thy name henceforth shall be the Turdeau Kid, one of a small and fast-fading band of jackals affectionately known as The Natural Turd Party of Canada.

    t.e.& o.e.

  9. We can only hope this guy becomes the Lib-dipper leader.

  10. Prior governments invited the opposition as well. For Kent to disparage them for not coming after pointedly telling them they weren't invited is pretty pathetic.

    For the record, JT apologized immediately.

  11. Yes he did apologise and yes the delegation excluded opposition members, breaking the previous custom. I don't know whether people can just waltz into a conference like Durban...if so, why did Elizabeth May attend as part of a foreign delegation? If nothing else this provides conservatives with another event to divert attention from concrete and serious issues.

  12. Seriously guys, since when did it become "tradition" to bring an opposition delegation along for international conferences? Were taxpayers supposed to pony up to send Justin to Africa? Poor Justin could not get a foreign country to pay his hotel bill like Lizzy did. That's Peter Kent's fault. What an asshole...

  13. To quote the ever eloquent resident imbecile of the NDPQ, Pat ("lying his ass off") Martin... Fu#k U... little Turdo, "you piece of shit"! Oh, sorry... being forced to live under the warped, dictatorial charade of Trudeauvia made me do it. Like "Liberals", and NDPQers I'm not responsible for my words or actions, therefore, I unequivocally and unreservedly apologize... oh... and I retract my previous statement.