Friday, December 30, 2011

Canadians Have Some Advice For Liberals: Get A New Leader

Jane Taber's latest headline piece at the Globe is titled "Canadians have some advice for Harper: Communicate with people" based on a recent Nanos poll. That is to say, 12% of Canadians offered that advice, the 88% did not. It should be noted that the Prime Minister communicated his way to a majority government earlier this year, so it is not as though he lacks the ability to communicate effectively. I'm just throwing that out there...

Perhaps the more intriguing story from this poll is that 12% of respondents offered this advice to Liberals: "get a new leader". A new leader would be someone other than Bob Rae, otherwise their advice would be "make your temporary leader permanent". The same number of people who responded that Harper needs to improve communication also said the Liberals need to ditch Bob Rae, and yet I do not see Bobby's name anywhere in Taber's article (she only wrote "the Liberals will not be holding a leadership contest until 2013").

6% of Canadians want the Tories to be more honest and transparent. Interestingly, that's the same proportion that want the Liberals to be more honest and transparent. I'm not sure this poll is even newsworthy, but given the slow news cycle over the break, it's difficult to find headline news stories.


  1. This Canadian has some advice for Taber:


  2. 1202 people were polled for this info. So, 144 Canadians offered advise. And 72 Canadians want the PM to be more open, and that means 1130 are happy. Gee with numbers like these I don't think the PM has a thing to worry about.
    ANd if the ndpq and libs keep up the attacks in QP, and the talk show honchos keep bringing in defeated liberals to tell us what we should be doing, for the next 5 years, we will be so tired of the lies that we might give the PM a 60%+ majority.

  3. No, no, please don't replace Rae, he is effectively the best weapon they have and the Cons are certainly in agreement with that.
    Who would have thought that the Libs and the Dips would each have an albatross tied around their necks?
    The Libs have an albatross that whines and the NDPq have one that babbles in some other language unbeknownst to Canadians.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Prime Minister Harper communicates just fine with Canadians. The retro Liberals and NDP are the ones with the dialogue problem. No ideas, no leadership, and best of all no money. lol Happy New Year!!!

  5. Rae to STAY! repeat five hundred times....

    My dream Opposition would be a Rae-led Liberal Party,and an NDP led by The Ghost of Taliban Jack.If they MUST have a living Leader, it's Libby Davies all the way.

  6. well I thought getting rid of gun registry and the wheat board and giving more power to the provinces was communicating with canadians

  7. Ice
    You should drill down on the reason why the liberals don't want to select a new leader for another year.
    Select? Why not allow the members to elect a new leader?
    Since they implemented omov policy, what three years ago, I'm sure their remaining members would love the chance to actually use said "selection". Now why do you suppose the liberal bigwigs wouldn't want the membership actually voting for a new leader, let alone having to wait that long to do it?