Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Canadian Parliamentarian Of The Year?

Today's poll question; who was Canada's top parliamentarian of 2011? Jim Flaherty is considered by many to be among the best Finance Ministers in the industrialized world, so he deserves significant credit for our country's strong economic performance relative to the global economy. Jason Kenney has done outstanding work with the Immigration portfolio, and John Baird has exceeded my expectations in Foreign Affairs. Peter Kent had a great year. Clearly if Stephen Harper is included in the poll he'd be the runaway winner, but I think of our Prime Minister as more than a regular MP. It wouldn't be fair to everyone else if the PM were included in the poll.

I will be launching the webpoll at 11pm pacific time, and in the meantime let me know who you think should be nominated.


  1. Bob Rae was actually chosen by his peers as the POY, narrowly ahead of Baird. Go figure. Chris Alexander was voted Rookie of the Year.

  2. Only 68 Tories even cared to show up to vote on the POY versus 96 opposition members.

  3. Michael Chong and Candice Hoeppner

  4. I vote for Candice Hoeppner, an articulate MP. When she's on panels, she doesn't merely repeat the "talking points" -- like regretably some Conservatives do -- but actually rebuts points made by her opponents, thus showing her debating skills.

    Chris Alexander would also qualify in my books, except that when he talks, he always seems winded, as if he's been hyperventilating. That criticism may seem picky, but both style & substance are important, IMO.

    Parliamentarians should be able to think fast on their feet, listening to their opponents' points and addressing them, despite the constant interruptions both from their opponents and the panel "moderators", Evan Solomon being one prime culprit in the latter category. Maybe you should also conduct a poll about the most annoying panel "moderators" ...
    -- Gabby in QC

  5. Peter McKay for all the work he does representing the troops.

    Until Flaherty/Harper grip the record deficits and balance the books they get a lump of coal.