Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saanich Gulf Islands Byelection?

With rumours swirling around the internet that Green Party MP Elizabeth May could be defecting to Papua New Guinea, the local Tories in her riding should start preparing for a possible byelection whenever that might happen. Even if the byelection is years away, there is a benefit to cold calling constituents to identify possible voters. Is it fair to engage in such activity before the MP has officially resigned? If there is a plausible basis for the speculation, then why not? Elizabeth May has started working on behalf of the government of Papua New Guinea, so it is entirely plausible that she might defect. Call it wishful thinking if you will, but we should start working the phones on Vancouver Island.

I have to take a principled stand on this issue, and do what's right. Identifying supporters allows you to offer help getting them to the polls at election or byelection time. This is furthering the cause of democracy by trying to get as many people as possible out to vote. Getting people out to vote is morally sound and should be embraced, not confronted with outrage and self important righteousness...some assholes are just completely irrational...


  1. Kindly provide the 'plausible basis' for such moronic speculation.

    If your ideas weren't so laughably stupid, they'd be merely sleazy.

  2. Why can't she hold dual-citizenship and remain an MP?
    Oh wait, that might be tri-citizenship because she was born in Connecticut.
    Nevertheless, I say good on her if she decides to defect. To be quite honest, as this Canadian settles in for yet another brutal winter Papua New Guinea is starting to look pretty inviting to me too.

  3. The plausible basis of the contention is that the MP in question requested and received recognition by PNG to attend the climate fest in Durban.
    She seems so obsessed with one issue that the job she was elected to is the one she isn't doing. If she wants to represent PNG, she can resign her seat and move there, obtain citizenship, and run for office.

  4. Never noticed, did lizzie get any coverage at the Durban thingy. She and Meagan sure give a bad name to female mps.

  5. old white guy says some folks don't grasp humour.

  6. Scoop 1 ... eMay was NOT seen in the Sidney Santa Parade. Where was she? Her "smart car" was missing but the lights were on in her office!! Did she snub the good folks of SGI?

    Scoop 2 has it that Climategate 2.0 is true and that eMay has defected to PNG.

  7. if she did then she has to give up her seat. as for why can't she do both because it's a conflict of intrest. and she was voted to represent her riding not newguinea.

  8. I couldn't believe it when she beat the midget. It was a complete shock to me. Gary was a great MP and ran a very good constituency office too. Genuinely nice guy too.

  9. Good post,Ice, a little humour never hurts!

    Many years back,a Canadian Senator was about to be convicted of a felony,don't remember who or what the particular crime was,some type of clean, white collar malfeasance, but someone inquired as to whether the good Senator would have to resign his seat.

    The government spokesman said that, "NO" he wouldn't have to resign his Senate seat even if he was in prison. I guess it's fair that a man's job be kept waiting while he does his penance,so I have no problem with it,makes the institution more of the mockery of democracy it actually IS.

    SO, my point is, May should be allowed to move to Papua/NG,and still collect her MP's salary from Canada, and if she decides to run for election there,and wins,NO PROBLEM, we acquiescent Canadians will gladly pay her MP's salary!

    We're good, gullible people,and we always defer to our betters,and May is most assuredly BETTER than any of US!

    Well,at least holier-than-us.