Friday, December 9, 2011

Stombo The Historian

Of all the people on the CBC roster that management could have chosen to host a series of historical documentaries, how they decided upon George Strombopolis boggles the mind. Seriously, the glorified disc jockey with all the piercings, that's your chosen educator on matters of world history? In his WWII doc, he kept talking about Hitler and Mussolini with frequent references to "right wing ideology". In the latest history lesson, we learn that Ronald Reagan was one of the true villains of the Cold War. Did the world really need more documentaries on WWII and the Cold War? What we needed was history according to Stombo...

I'd be very curious to know how much these Love-Hate docs cost to make, and how much they paid George to read the cue cards. Sound like an idea for an Access to Information request. They should not have cost much to make because there was no original research and they just recycled the same historical footage used in every other documentary. I'm willing to wager that they spent more than they should have. For those of you considering buying the Love, Hate, and Propaganda box set for $35 at the CBC Shop, be aware that they play these with great frequency on CBC TV. You'll probably get about 500 opportunities to watch it for free in the next year. This is not something you want to spend money on, though since your tax dollars helped pay to make it, you already have. That's sad.


  1. I wonder if Strombo knew about the pension Fraud in canada by greeks that lied about their Service in WW2.
    Yes folks, under the Liberals in the 1970's they did squat when Freedom Foghter greeks in canada claimed they fought for the Underground to stem the Nazi agression . This provision for Foreign citizens that aided in the War effort was abused because the Liberals did not enforce the Laws that needed proof of age and residence as Greek to show you did fight in WW2.
    Some of the Government workers had to have know that the Applications were fraudulent because the Age admitted on the form showed that the Greek Freedom Fighter was about 6-10 years old in 1945.
    How the hell can a Greek boy join the Freedom Fighters if he's born during the War or was 5 when it started in 1939.

    Canadians were scammed again by Trudeau who used this clause to Buy Votes in little Greece , I know this because I lived near Pape and Danforth in the 70's and read this story and also heard of many young Greek males living off the bogus Pension as they hung out in Greek Cultural Cafe's to play games and drink with their buddies.
    Today my area in the West end has many Multicultural Offices set-up with nobody in them , my guess is that federal money bought votes and this centre is a ruse to put up the Window Dressing to have a mailing Address as a Charity.

  2. Hipster doofus Strombo teaching history, CBC style, which is to say, revisionist at best, is laughable. Only in the warped, bizarro world of the CBC would "National Socialist/Fascists" like Hitler and Mussolini be described as "right wing"! It should be painfully clear to the Government of Canada that the CBC is so dangerously anti Canadian, corrupt and diseased that all funding should be stopped immediately. The CBC is a disgrace!

  3. like I said why do you people keep watching CBC. I stoped watching the news and most of it except for Hockey and Sports, they should just specialize in sports then they would do better they also wouldn't need 1.6 billion dollars either.

  4. Stromboli just reads a script. You put way too much importance on a voice.

  5. Why watch the CBC Roy?Its better to know whats being said and whats on the airwaves of the political opposition than being clueless.

    That being said however taxpayers do have the right to know where 1 billion dollars are going.

  6. As "anon" said,Strombo will merely read the script. Said script will without doubt be written by people with a much more Leftist agenda than even Strombo.

    I question why we need to do another documentary on WW2 or the Cold War. It's already been well covered.Is this just another attempt to rewrite history to the revisionist view of a bunch of extreme Left-wingers at CBC?

    I suggest that is exactly what is going on.These fanatics won't be satisfied until they've completely changed our,or more correctly,young people's view of history.

    And the Nations that freed the world and brought such prosperity,will undoubtedly be vilified.

    We don't need another rewrite of history,and we taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for it.

  7. This year for the 9/11 special the CBC did another "Conspiracy" show which realy spit on the graves of the 24 candians that were cremated against their will by 19 muslims.
    The CBC buys into the Bush NORAD drone theory and the planted explosives in the WTC's and Building #7 .
    IF, and I mean a big "IF"....that if the CBC believes that NORAD was part of the mass-slaughter on 9/11, then Jean Chretien was guilty too and Paul Martin because NORAD is a CAN/USA security venture with candians in Chyenne Mountain next to American staff on the Equipment.
    As for WW2 , we now know that the Dresden bombing was inflated for the death by the nazi's to fool the useful idiots in the West. The recent German records reveal that the best estimate of missing people from Dresden along with Hospital records of those that survied was listed as 40'000 +- 2000 or so. Japanese sealed records from 1945 were opened after 60 years and detailed how Tojo tried a Coup to de-throne Hito during the H-Bomb attack in August or 1945 because Tojo claimed he had trained up to 3'000'000 civilians to be suicide fighters for any land invasion, he claimed he had 2'000'000 land-based tropps willing to die for Japan on their soil, then he said he had about 5000 kamikazi Pilots that would flt into any ally ships nearing japan or to attack any troop carriers.
    Tojo and Japan had another plot to behead every POW if the allies stepped on japanese soil.
    So basically, all the leftist liberals at the CBC that bash the big bad USA for ending WW2 with a bang are really pro-death and anti-human because 5'000'000 japanese would have died and all our POW's would get beheaded if the War draffedo n and there was a last resort of beach attack and landing as in Normany.
    The CBC should visit those Libraries and rent a DVD about WW2 and the 2 H-bombs that saved over 5 million lives that would have added to the near 50'000'000 already from Italy,Germany and Russian.
    The whole Kennedy Conspiracy that the CBc loves to dwell on is mainly hinged on Oswald not having enough time to load and fire 3 bullets at JFK in a moving vehicle......but Oswald only had to load 2 bullets because the rifle had one already in it for the Kill-Shot and then 2 follow-up assurance shots. I have no doubt that there was a Conspiray to kill Kennedy because he is dead and was shot by someone, but....conspiracy theories are formed in hindsight and only collect the vague facts that help back their futuristic-hindsight to wait 15-20 years and then use the present to explain the past just like the Global-Warming scam to take a few deacade and project in back on thousands of years to assert it's getting hotter.
    Strombo should go back to CityTV for his V-jay gig with tattoo's and rings galore and this punk hair. Soon the virtual/3D/hologram Anchor will be used and they would need washroom breaks or make-up session. The fake hair, video Tape-Worms will be retired from the airwaves and no more Creating the News but just the repeating of it via lip-syncing nebulous inanimate laser clones that get the blame for bad news. Good luck for the Human Rights Commission trying to charge a Hologram virtual perosn that offended Muslims or gays .

  8. When the hated CBC TV people put together a production that associates the National Socialists with being "right wing" and then in the next news broadcast, they call the sitting government "Right Wing", it's not rocket science to see the treasonous connection that they're tring to form. These people have to be stopped. They encourage mob violence and seek at every opportunity to slag the West and encourage our enemies. Disgusting 5th Column Basta$ds.