Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Strombo Knows How To Party!

Are you looking to host a really great Christmas or New Year's party and have $70K-$100K to spend? If so you should consider calling the CBC's George Strombolopololis. Strombo really knows how to throw an epic party! Your base cost will run you about $72K plus extra for booking a 5 star hotel and a private security team to protect Strombo. For your trouble and extravagant cost, you can expect celebrities, Twitter buzz, and a magical night you won't soon forget. Granted I cannot be more specific about what exactly you'll get for your money, because that information is tightly guarded.

Last September Strombo threw such a party at a cost to taxpayers of $72,372 (which does not include the cost of the 5 star hotel and Strombo's personal bodyguards). Most of the financial details of this party are being withheld by the CBC on grounds that their release "would harm CBC's creative, programming or journalistic activities." The party was intended to launch his new show "Strombo Tonight"; which is basically the same show he had before but 30 minutes shorter with a different name. That's a lot to spend on a party to celebrate the renaming of a television show. It's also a bit rich to claim that releasing how much you spent on booze somehow jeopardizes your creative property.

This might be the most ridiculous example yet of the CBC fighting the release of information on creative grounds, but if you want to throw a bitchin' party, call Strombo.


  1. Whenever CBC hosts a party with our money you are invited no questions asked.
    CBC is owned and paid for by us so be happy enjoy the food oh I forgot, call for a limo with a body guard.

    The NDPQ wants to increase $1.6b to a few billions dollars more..... also ndpq do not anyone investigating into CBC's expenditures. yet, they both attack Tony Clement's spending.

    So, look out for next fete at CBC-YOU ARE INVITED TO IT.

  2. My question is why does George need four bodyguards at his little soiree?

  3. George is a true leftist elitist - of course he knows how to party with taxpayer money... Card carrying Liberal I bet.