Monday, December 19, 2011

Bob Rae Finally Discovers Attiwapiskat

There must not be much happening in the Canadian news cycle if Bob Rae (leader of the 3rd place party) making a trip to Attiwapiskat is headline news. According to Bobby, the reserve is living in deplorable 3rd world conditions and Stephen Harper must act. Hopefully the Prime Minister's response will be better than Rae's response to a similar crisis while he was Premier of Ontario and in charge of the reserve's provincial money. Bob Rae did precious little to fix the problem when it was presented to a Royal Commission while he was Premier, but now he expects others to do what he was unable or unwilling to fix when in power. Now that he's got no power at all, he's screaming bloody murder.

This reminds me of Bob Rae protesting in the streets against Stephen Harper briefly proroguing parliament, before we were reminded that Bobby prorogued almost every year while he was Premier of Ontario. It seems like a common occurrence that Bob's outrage over certain issues end up uncovering hypocrisy based on his record in a leadership position. Thank you to the Toronto Sun for uncovering this latest bout of Rae's hypocrisy.


  1. Has to be a conservative majority hopefully Canada will get back on the right track.

    Rob C

  2. Every political party in power seems to be - or at the very least appears to be - emasculated (oh my I used a gender specific term) by aboriginal situations. This situation did not, as Bronoski (sp?) pointed out, suddenly arise. It has been a long standing situation.

    Ok, so now we have to refer to a widely disparate group of peoples as "First Nation". Hmmm, ok so you all cannot be first - go have a fight and figure out who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc and then we can send in the Canadian military to take on #1, #2, #3, etc to resolve this ridiculous - but trendy - notion that a group of 300 is a NATION.

    You folks have no idea (ok some of you do) of how much money is funnelled to preserve this noxious notion of being a nation. I live it and it ain't pretty.

  3. And in the past 5 yrs or more, since Angus was their MP, how much money was poured into his riding for this problem. Funny he doesn't think we need to know where and how that money was spent. But, it is a major issue on how much was spent on the summits. Guess he and Bob are unaware that everything they have done or not done is out there on the net somewhere and someone will find it. Canadians are starting to fight back and we will not take it anymore. Was there lack of action or compassion every brought up in the HofC by the conservatives when they were in opposition.

  4. Seems to me Charlie Angus knows more about the money that went Tony Clement's riding than the 90milliong dollars that went into his very own riding. Which tells this was a 'set up' by Angus then Rae to embarass the government.

    Furthermore, the ndpq have gone against bills and budgets that had items in it for the natives/aboriginals.
    Attawapiskat has been in this state for decades and it is now ANGUS is 'Shocked' -spare me.

    The PM sent a 3rd party to investigate but was prevented from entering the community but not Rae who ignored them for years? I smell a fish frying.
    Unfortunately, in their little scheme of theirs, the innocent were used.

    Attawapiskat chiefs have to bear some responsibility, but I guess from the Madame Chief she is not interested in finding out nor wants to help the government.

  5. Good comments! Rae is like tiny Trudeau shrieking and freakin' desperately seeking face time in the media.
    Madame Chief and Rae have a lot in common it is not about their people it is about them.
    Rae had the opportunity as Premier of Ontario to make a difference and help people.
    He did not "Get it done"
    Madame Chief Ditto.
    Spare me the drama of third rate, third row politicians rending their garments about situations, and people they are just using as a very cynical "photo op".
    The media in this Country is complicit in this charade IMHCO.
    A pox on all their houses.
    We are so lucky to have the grown-ups running this Country.
    There are many Attawapiskats across this Country.
    Conservatives cannot fix all the problems gifted by the Liberals and the NDPQ (Libs in short pants) the first year of a Majority Government.
    I do believe by the second or third Majority Government we will be closing in on fixing things.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. I can no longer comment on the hypocrisy of Rae or the NDP on Attawapiskat,it's all been said.

    Nothing will ever be done about the "plight" of the Natives/Aboriginals/Indians until the Country runs out of money to throw at them.

    In the meantime,it helps very much to rename the victim group though, gives said victims a new sense of importance,and fits in with the overblown rhetoric of the politicians,who in reality couldn't give a f*** about them,whatever they're currently being called.

    Invite an Attawapiskat Aboriginal/Native/Indian family to your home for Christmas,Bob. It's the very least you can do.

  7. First question asked when a plane is unloading ,got my pop and chips been there.Question? Did rae promise a casino and Dr bennett declare smoke shacks acceptable living accommdation.Premier dad is unusally quiet about this.