Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quebec Suing The Government?

Quebec is going to sue the federal government to try and save the gun registry, or rather the data contained within. Their plan is to start their own gun registry, which is their government's prerogative. If the province would like to go ahead with their own gun registry, then that's their business. The matter of debate is whether or not the data held by the feds can or should be shared with provincial jurisdictions. The Tories have long campaigned on abolishing the registry and were recently elected to a majority government (including MPs from Quebec). The abolition of the registry becomes law in January. Should the gun registry data be shared with provinces who want to start their own registries? That should be a poll question.

Personally I would not object to the Tories sharing limited data about only Quebec residents, but the information of gun owners outside the province should be off limits. Although I am not a gun owner, I have always supported scrapping the gun registry because it is expensive and does nothing to prevent crime. If my province of British Columbia planned to launch a gun registry I would strongly oppose that action and it would affect my vote. However if it is popular in Quebec, go ahead, knock your socks off.


  1. This is ridiculous. The data is the gun registry. It's nothing else so if you abolish the gun registry, you abolish the data.

  2. Anonymous is absolutely right. I am fed up with this cry-baby province that is almost totally dependent on the rest of us to pay its way. I left there in 1984 and have never looked back. I should add however that in the rural area where I lived none of my francophone neighbours supported the fascist policies constantly coming out of Quebec City. As we have maintained contact I also know they do not support the gun registry.

  3. With all the investigations into corruption and mob connections going on in quebec the last place I want any information about me or my firearms. If we were just to vote these crybaby freeloaders out of Confederation they could do what ever the hell they want. The only difference is they would not be able to use my tax dollars for their bulls#it.

    Rob C

  4. Gads yes; the last thing I'd want is for some Quebec snivel servant having access to my personal data.

  5. I predict someone will "accidentaly" hit a delete button very soon.

  6. What are they suing us for???8 billion a year???So when Canada wins we get to keep the 8 billion..Bring it on Quebec..Bring it on..This would put Quebec back into the dark ages,losing their 8 billion welfare .

  7. I'm in complete agreemnet,Ice,if Quebec wants the data on JUST Quebecers,let 'em have it,destroy the rest.

    BUT,you can't trust bureaucrats,and I wouldn't trust liberal civil servants,one of whom will secret the data away and keep it for the day a Liberal or Dip government is in power Federally.

    It looks like B.C. may go off the deep end and elect an NDP government,and THEY would undoubtedly want to establish a LGR in Victoria,especially if the data is freely available.

    So,we're probably all better off if they destroy the whole LGR,or Far Left Provincial governments across Canada will do the same as Quebec.

  8. It would be irresponsible for the Federal Government to hand over any information to the Quebec govt, that they KNOW is incomplete and inaccurate.

    If the Quebec government was entitled, legally, to have that info,
    why wouldn't the RCMP just put hand it over on a disk?

  9. Sell the Quebec names for say.. $2 billion?

  10. I don't believe that Quebec is serious about this, nor do I believe any court would rule in favour of such an argument.
    The data was collected under legislation for one purpose, the federal firearns registry; the legal framework must be very specific about this.
    If the government simply handed over all the confidential data to a provincial body, that would be for a different purpose. Surely individuals from Quebec could sue under Charter rights if such a handover was attempted. I suspect Quebec knows this, and is simply making political hay out of the situation. The end of the registry means exactly that.

  11. ''...the data and the accompanying software need to be protected...''

    the data is erroneous, would have to be re-collected anyways,
    but the software is worth big bucks!

    Gun-registry data to be destroyed despite Quebec’s court challenge


  12. The Conservatives scrapping the gun registry and refusing to share the data with the provinces is proof that Harper is hiding a secret mercenary army within the general population that he intends to unleash once he has seized sufficient control of the judiciary and civil service.

    It is only a matter of time before Harper declares himself emperor and cancels all future elections.

  13. Marx-a-million give me a break get off the kool-aid this was a campaign promise and he is keeping it. you kool-aid drinker where the heck did you get that info from heather mallick?.

  14. Now instead of the rest of Canada taxpayers sending the usual 8 billion dollars to Quebec every year to help pay their bills, we will send an extra 3-4 hundred thousand dollars to do this court action.
    Another 3-4 hundred thousand dollars for the Quebec economy - what a bunch of suckers the rest of Canada is. We have given Quebecers hundreds of thousands of jobs with the artificial and phony official bilingualism program and Quebec themselves don't believe in bilingualism and legislate against it. Long past time to give our head a shake as I don't even want to think what bilingualism has cost us over the years - we wouldn't have a waiting list for any hospital in the country if that money was made available for health care.