Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bloc Gets New Leader, NDP Plunge In Quebec

Over the weekend the Bloc Quebecois elected a new leader, and it barely made a ripple in the Canadian media. Today Harris Decima released a poll showing the NDP has plunged 16% in support in Quebec since the May election and have fallen into a tie with the Bloc. It appears that the NDP has bled support to all the major parties, not just the separatists. Clearly Nycole Turmel is not helping their fortunes in the one province where she was expected to be popular. Given her inability to speak passable English, she already has a significant challenge connecting with voters outside Quebec. The appointment of Turmel was one of the biggest political gaffes of the year (next to maybe Iggy and Duceppe forcing an election), and they can't pick a new leader fast enough. Forcing the May election did work out well for the Dippers who reached historic heights in the polls.

The interesting question is how plunging support in Quebec will affect the NDP leadership race, as candidates make an array of promises to try and stop the bleeding. This could launch Mulcair to the top of the charts if the membership decides that it needs a Quebecer to maintain what they've got. Then again, Mulcair will never have the personable popularity of a Jack Layton, and they really have nowhere to go but down regardless of who becomes the next leader.


  1. Mulcair would be a gold mine for the CPC in the next election. The guy practically writes his own attack ads with the crazy things he says. Not exactly known for remaining calm when confronted either, the debates would be highly entertaining.

  2. I think Mulcair is the CPCs biggest threat, if he keeps his cool.

  3. High maintenance Quebec gave up Duceppe (who they still love) for
    grandstanders Charlie Angus, Megan Leslie and Pat Martin.... kinda like trading in your old cadillac for 3 go-carts.

  4. Mulcair, Charlie Angus, Trudeau - You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth prior to their outbursts because they just can't contain themselves.
    Putting the brain in gear before stepping on the gas just isn't going to happen for that bunch of buffoons.
    This is the gift that keeps on giving and to the Conservatives advantage I might add.
    Merry Christmas Cons.