Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The CBC's $7 Million Dollar Birthday

Wow, the CBC sure loves to throw a party and they certainly spare no expense! For their 75th birthday celebration the public broadcaster spent $6.6M dollars, and once again many of the details regarding those expenditures are being withheld to protect "creative practices". We do know that they spent over $300K on DVD box sets. They spent $19K on commemorative coins and "employee recognition", $37K in banners, and $40K for a former anchorman to do a series of lectures. FYI guys, with that kind of coin you could buy several fake lakes and beautification gazebos. A nice gazebo and flower garden can enhance a community for many years to come, certainly more so than the anchorman monologues.

The birthday budget dwarfs the $72K plus they spent to celebrate the renaming and shortening of the Strombo Show. Though the Strombo party was just one single event (an exclusive gathering of celebrities and CBC employees at a 5 star hotel), where the birthday celebration was a series of smaller parties held across the country where they actually invited members of the general public.


  1. I look forward to your piece on the $28M to be spent commemorating the War of 1812.

  2. What? and we were not invited? Was suzuki there?

  3. Actually, lets REALLY commemorate the War of 1812. We could so easily have been Americans now if it weren't for the determination of the settlers and troops not to be absorbed.