Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Predictions For 2012

Every year I attempt to make some predictions for the upcoming 12 months. Last year at this time I predicted a spring federal election, a Conservative majority, and that Ignatieff would be ousted as Liberal leader. While those predictions came true, roughly 70% of my forecasts were wrong. With that being said, what do I think is going to happen in 2012? Today's poll question; which of these predictions is most likely to happen?

1. Planet outlives Mayan Calendar
2. Assad regime ousted in Syria
3. Putin remains in charge of Russia
4. Few if any emerge to challenge Rae for Liberal leadership
5. Allison Redford will be defeated in pending election
6. Sidney Crosby plays fewer than 30 games in calendar year
7. Romney defeated by Obama
8. Republicans take back Senate
9. There will be no war with North Korea
10. There will be hostilities with Iran
11. The NDP will be polling below 20%
12. Irwin Cotler will not retire, even if he had previously been considering it.


  1. Of the 12 predictions I fear the following will come to pass 1.No challenge to Rae for Liberal leadership, 2. Obama will be re-elected, 3. their will be some sort of conflict with North Korea and Irwin Colter will not retire.

  2. Agree with 1-3
    4. Marc Garneau will emerge as front-runner for Liberal leadership. Justin Trudeau will continue to make an arse of himself.
    5. Redford will prevail with reduced majority. Wildrose will take many seats from PC's
    6. Who cares?
    7. Obama beats Romney. Obama like-able, Romney not, it's that simple. (See 10 below)
    8. Republicans keep house, regain Senate.
    9. Will Kim Jong Un live a full year?
    10. Iran will do something stupid prompting military action by Obama. Country rallies behind him and he defeats Romney.
    11. Agree, NDP back to usual level of support. Whole party continues to make an arse of themselves.
    12. Who cares?
    13. Lizzy May continues to make an arse of herself.
    14. Will be a bad year for Christy Clark. BC Conservatives will become a more credible alternative.

    Happy New Year

  3. 4. Bob Rae will stay in place as Liberals do the wait and see if Dippers can hold onto Quebec seats after the 2015 general election.
    They won't, and merger talks start in 2016.
    5. Redford holds onto a minority govt with Wildrose Danielle Smith in oppositiion
    7. Obama defeated, is a one term President
    16. Mulcair wins, and thus begins the NDPQ all Quebec all the time.

  4. 13. The European Union will collapse

  5. Surest bet for 2012-
    Warren Kinsella will attempt to continue his self deluded sense of importance by referencing Jean Chretien in every Sun article he spews out.

  6. The LPoC declares bankruptcy(financial)

  7. Your #6 is SO sad,Crosby's only 25, probably finished for good.584 points in only 480 games,in this close checking era.

    Obama will beat either Romney or Gingrich,will go on to become the most beloved President since GW Bush.

    Kim Jong-Un will reunify North and South Korea and be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

    The oceans will rise .1 cm, CTV's
    featured psychic,"Nikki", a Torontonian,who predicted Miami will be destroyed by a hurricane, will be proven WRONG.

    Afghanistan will fall into a civil war. Iraq will enter into a civil war,England will expand Sharia Law.

    The Canadian MSM will rage on even more viciously about Stephen Harper,who will be compared to "Hitler" 3296 times,just by the Toronto media alone.

    The Toronto Maple leafs WILL make the playoffs.

    Justin won't marry Selena.

    Egypt won't elect a democratic government.

    I won't get an LEH for moose this year.

    Christy Clark will call an election in 2012.

    The world will end on Dec. 21st,2012,just as the Mayan calendar indicates.

    Remember, there's no need to live the frugal life anymore,with less than a year to go,spend like the proverbial drunken sailor,buy that SUV, drink that expensive Scotch,take fabulous vacations, go to Vegas and gamble, have that affair you always wanted,be as narcissistic as you want, just do it all on Mastercard or VISA.