Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peter MacKay Did Nothing Wrong

Did you know that the search and rescue squadron that hoisted Peter MacKay away from his fishing trip runs 2 training events every day as part of its regular routine? On that infamous day when they took MacKay away, they were actually seeking something to do because a new engineer needed experience operating the hoist in a real life simulation. There was going to be a flight regardless of whether Peter MacKay needed an airlift or not, and the Minister was willing to put his life in the hands of rookie who required training. These exercises increase the competency and readiness of our search and rescue fleet, so that when there is a real emergency and people's lives are on the line they get the job done.

The NDP demanded MacKay's dismissal for reasons of incompetence based on e-mail semantics and hearsay before anyone thought to talk to the actual pilot! Even Don Martin of all people came to MacKay's defense today. Peter and Don don't get along, which Martin speculates might have something to do with the Belinda Stronach Biography. He wrote about the testimony from the pilot today:

If the opposition parties refuse to throttle down their hysterical demands for MacKay’s apology or resignation, MacKay has plenty of high-calibre ammunition for return fire to make them look even more hysterical than usual in Question Period today.

In two sentences, Maj. Reid removed most of the political heat from the controversy.

“The flight would have been flown regardless of whether or not the minister was included because the squadron conducts two training events per day as part of a regular routine,” he declared. “In this case, a new flight engineer required hoist training, therefore the training intentions were well matched.”

So there you have it. It was a routine flight while MacKay’s hoist helped train a newbie looking for rescue experience and never dreaming it would include the Defence Minister.

It’s been a fun controversy to cover, exacerbated by horrible spin from a minister who used to excel at media relations, but there’s nothing more to see or say on this file. MacKay’s search for a rescue is over.


  1. Conservatives used to complain about use of government resources that was unnecessary and expensive. I am saddened that the Consevatives have become what they once opposed. You and every other Canadian knows there were cheaper more cost effective alternatives. The lies of McKay and the "guise" that was used is really sad.

    Defending McKay shows that your hate of liberals exceeds your principles.

  2. To Anon at 11:59 - I suggest you check

    McKay's flight was most cost effective.

    "Reid confirmed it was a scheduled training flight for the crew that took place in the local training area; no additional aircraft was assigned nor were any additional crews called in, he said.

    “The flight would have been flown regardless of whether or not the minister was included because the squadron conducts two training events per day as part of a regular routine,” he said. “In this case, a new flight engineer required hoist training, therefore the training intentions were well matched.”

    "...Reid said he has quietly watched as the military has been justifiably scrutinized in past, but felt compelled to share information that has not been “well enough communicated” as the story swelled in controversy.

  3. MacKay doesn't have a life because he spends so much time in his role as Defence Minister. Let,s cut him some slack.

  4. Right nameless commentor,
    Maj. Reid defended our Minister of Defence because he hates Liberals too!

    This whole story was about Dippers and Liberals and their media using pack bully tactics, trying to pick off a Minister.

    Well, it was a total FAIL and yah all look like the nitpic fools you are.

  5. And enough with our Ministers expected to cower in the corner, incase some ATI request dug up by a Harper-hater comes to light,
    or the union bullies running the NDPQ take exception to some trivial bs story,
    or Bob Rae spews purple media grabbing garbage in QP.

    This is the best Government and Ministers our country has seen in many decades.

  6. And now at cbc the news that Min McKay may sue! Hope cbc is top of the list!!

  7. Yeah, both the CBC and the Globe and Mail have headlines about MacKay threatening to sue, not MacKay being cleared of wrong doing. The writer at the Globe none other than CBC regular Jennifer Ditchburn. The headline should be "MacKay cleared of wrong doing" instead of "MacKay threatens lawsuit".

  8. I was planning on not watching question period as much as usual,but I changed my mind,as I get a lot of enjoyment laughing at the Socialist NDP,and lieberals.I usually put it on mute,as I know what they are saying by their body language.I usually wouldn't say this,but the Socialist NDP are the most angry,homeliest politicians that I've ever seen.Gerald

  9. Don't tell anyone but when I was in high school I got a ride in a Sea King on a training mission too. Thank god I wasn't an MP!

  10. This is as serious as the proroguing of Parliament!

    The Lib/Dips are becoming VERY annoying,with their incessant cries of "WOLF,WOLF!!!"

    I guess they haven't learned the lesson that was evident before the May federal election, that constantly crying about anything eventually become tedious,and only your closest friends pay attention any more.

    Maybe this is the Lib/Dips substitute for actually doing something useful with their position, all the while giving the APPEARANCE of actually doing something.

  11. I've no doubt the flight would have happened even if MacKay hadn't been aboard.
    But the real issue is that someone was embarrassed enough by this to change the story. Originally it was to observe a planned SAR exercise; then it wasn't, it was a planned taxi service for the minister who had to be in Ottawa; then it was a taxi ride under the guise of an SAR exercise.
    This dithering doesn't happen if you are sure of your ground from the get go. It reeks of post hoc rationalisations and that usually indicates a cover up is happening.
    It isn't the deed that usually nails one, it's the cover up and innuendo.