Friday, December 2, 2011

NDP Leadership Debates Kick Off Sunday

Just a heads up to political junkies out there, the NDP will be having their first official leadership debate on Sunday. While many of us are disappointed that Libby Davies will not be participating, the festivities should still produce memorable quotes which can be used as campaign fodder. Brian Topp has been the hand picked front runner thus far, though Mulcair and Dewar are unlikely to waste the opportunity to take some shots at the establishment candidate. What will be interesting is whether or not any of them will deviate from current party policy left behind by Jack Layton, and blaze forward with their own juicy initiatives. Or will this debate be about who would do the best job of enacting the policies of Jack Layton?

There's a strong chance that aboriginal affairs will dominate the discussion given the recent emergency in Northern Ontario. Who will make the biggest spending promise? Guaranteed there will be some very colossal dollar figures thrown around in this debate. This should be entertaining television for those of us who follow politics closely, though we will be lacking the wild and crazy ideas of Libby. Expect Peggy Nash to lead the way on dollars promised to public sector union workers, with the 8 other contestants clamouring behind to try and court that crucial demographic of the NDP constituency.


  1. The blind leading the blind.
    Not a decent one amongst them, but I really like Mad-dog Martin.
    Did you notice the "gaff" Ian Lipstick admitted to on CTV?
    Who else would ever admit to anything like that Re: A community in dire straits and him and Layton sending sports gear!
    Too funny, so stand by for more inept ideas during the leadership race.

  2. Darn, no Libby Davies.
    I was hoping the NDP would have her in charge to follow through with their Trans-fat crusades to ban them because too many candians are pounding back bergers and junk food.

    Libby would be the poster-person to prove it.

  3. What was the policies of Jack Layton?I'm sick and tired of hearing his name.He and his wife were and are liars.Gerald

  4. Only exclusions to the Dipper traveling side show: Alberta and Newfoundland

    Kinda funny that Dipper Megan Leslie goes to the US to bash our oilsands and pipelines,
    and here in Canada a major group of Native bands just signed on with Enbridge for a share in the Northern Gateway Pipeline......HA

    Pro union, anti oil and gas, socialism via environmental activism........ very predictable, eh

    Yes, they will pay lip service to Native issues with the conclusion 'send more money, evil Harper has no heart'