Sunday, May 2, 2010

Political Donations

I am curious to know just how much money the average Canadian donates to political parties. When Frank Graves donates $11,000, where does that rank him relative to the rest of the population? I would also be curious to know how the Liberals have been doing for fundraising in the last few months. They purchased the fundraising software used by Obama to amass incredible wealth and buy the Presidency. How is that working out for Iggy? Were they able to raise money from Thinkapalooza?

On a personal note, this week I was very excited to receive my first monetary donation. Sure it took 5 months and 165,883 page views, but nonetheless it feels very satisfying to know that someone was willing to share their hard earned money because they enjoy what I do. My goal is to raise enough money to purchase a blackberry so that I can blog from anywhere. My car lease expires shortly and I can't afford a new vehicle until I finally pay off my student loans, so soon it will be a public transit life for me.

To those of you who would like to make a donation, it is all done through PayPal. They keep all your financial information confidential, but be sure to leave your address so that I can send you an autographed thank you card! Are donations to political bloggers tax deductible?


  1. In answer to your last question, no they are not tax deductible. But the interest on your student loans is deductible.

  2. lol, Elections Canada has information and Pundits Guide on the financial health of the LPOC.

    I noted months ago when Rossi left, several layoffs in Nov 2009 the Liberals are failing to catch the CPC.

    In 2010 they won't have leadership, convention fees. In 2011 they will after they replace the latest dud.

    A) The CPC can tighten up the rules to stop the loans being used improperly to fund the political parties.
    B) Bankruptcy may take place in next few years if political parties fail to manage their expenses.
    C) Termination of political party subsidy.

  3. The results of first quarter fund-raising were due before the end of April, but so far, Elections Canada in their wisdom have not seen fit to release them to the peasants.

  4. 11K??? How is that possible? The max allowed is $1100. Even the LPC is not that supid to do that. EC would kick it back in a heart beat.

  5. The 11k is over 10 years. Does that mean Mr. Graves donates the maximum amount to the Liberals every year?

  6. Sounds like it, and that would not surprise me at all. I wonder how many other pollsters are maxing out their donations to one political party or another?

  7. As Ezra Levant pointed out, these were not donations, but investments. Mr Graves and EKOS made on the order of $6000 for every dollar donated by virtues of polling contracts the former Liberal governments gave out.

    The CBC does not see this as a special arrangement or evidence of collusion or influence:

    " We have reviewed this important point with Mr. Graves and confirmed that no client relationship with the Liberal Party of Canada exists"

    (I got a long winded form letter on the subject when I wrote the CBC, say your piece here:

    But as the "ONE" likes to say south of the border:

    "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money"

    So Mr Graves, your investment paid off very handsomely, time to make a quiet exit...