Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anarchy: Let The Punishment Fit The Crime

So anarchists are going to start firebombing Canadian banks in an attempt to encourage Canadians that life would be better without government or police? When we catch these criminals, I have a perfect plan for how to punish them. I have long been of the opinion that violent anarchists should be put on an airplane and air dropped into Mogadishu, so that they can experience for themselves life in a lawless society without government. Somehow I suspect that the romanticism with rampant criminality will burn out very quickly after they touch down in Somalia.

Somalia is the world's preeminent case study for Anarchy. If people want to complain about government that's fine and dandy and perfectly legal; but start smashing windows and firebombing banks, then you are nothing more than a common criminal who just wants to inflict harm on others.


  1. What amazed me was reading some of the comments on the video of the attack on YouTube.

    First off, the video describes these anarchists not as what they truly are -- terrorists -- but as "protesters".

    Then, the douchebags get upset when people start describing the perps as terrorists.

    I can't wait to hear them whine when these douchebags get caught, and spend a long time in prison.

  2. The anarchists are living in cave like dormitories - Canadians (the ones who pay taxes) are not going to support lawless behaviour. What's next, burning bank employees in buildings like Greece?

  3. These nutjobs are not anarchists. They are deluded leftards who believe in free education and a big government to pay for their entitlements.

    They are the product of a failed education, media product that distorts the truth about "socialism" vs "capitalism".

    We hear the political parties preach more taxes, big nannystate solutions will fix the ails and help the poor.

    Sadly these leftards can turn to the MSM for the socialist utopia on earth.

  4. Anarchism = the worst bits of the mad max films combined with really really smelly armpits.

    It all just leads to the biggest baddest toothless outlaws running the show or organized group--oops that would run counter to their "anarchism". Bunch of jackasses.

    Really folks, aren't the most "legit" "anarchists" homeless schizophrenics?

    I'll be sure to make RBC the next bank I ever start up an account with.

    The group also criticizes RBC for being a "major financier of Alberta's tar sands, one of the largest industrial projects in human history and perhaps the most destructive" and "the cause of the second fastest rate of deforestation on the planet."

    Really? Wonder which media outlets gave them those ideas.

    So in their own little bubble that they've never heard of tree farming?
    How do they suppose loggers keep themselves in business? Obviously if all their trees are cut they wouldn't get much work.

    As for the oil-sands, the land won't stay like that after their done and they clear cut it initially to work the land but they can restore it with new trees from elsewhere and plant new ones when their done.

    Wish people gave as much damn about human trafficking as the do frigging trees!

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