Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ontario, Get Out And Vote

Just a reminder to the people of Ontario to get out and vote today. Who you choose is up to you. Just remember, Dalton has been in power for 8 years with a majority government. At the end of another mandate he will have been in power for 12 years, and contrary to what his campaign ads try to tell you, he has not been an effective leader. A vote for McGuinty is a vote for increased taxation. He's building a so-called "green economy" where factories are idle due to poor demand for the crap they build. Do you want more of this? Of course Suzuki endorses it, his people are the ones who have the most to gain financially.

Do you want to pay even more in taxes so that Dalton can appease the teacher's union which has spent ungodly amounts of money trying to get him re-elected? For crying out loud I think they spent more on advertising than the actual Liberal Party! "An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last" - Winston Churchill

Do you want to pay more money if you use electricity when you get home from work, instead waiting until you'd normally be sleeping to do all your chores? Smart meters everyone. Not as good as they sound.

Frankly I don't care if you vote Tory or NDP. Just get out and vote for somebody that isn't Liberal. Defeating McGuinty is far more important than electing Hudak.


  1. And sometimes those smart meters explode.

  2. You wonder where Ontario's swing voters would be in a federal election after the 8th year of a Harper majority. It makes no sense how Dalton is ahead in the polls despite 8 years of "elected dictatorship" that has been a comedy (or tragedy) of errors.

    E-Health. Has anyone in the media mentioned the E-Health fiasco over the last month?

    F**k, does anyone remember Caledonia? Many right wingers blogged about how much they hated Fantino because of Caledonia when he ran for office; yet none of those high and mighty bastards are complaining about the man who gave the orders, running for a 3rd majority. Dalton ordered the police to stand down! Where are you people now?

  3. It defies logic that the people of Ontario keep voting for McLiar and the "Liberals". Battered wife syndrome perhaps, or more likely just plain stupidity. The continuing destruction of that once proud and powerful Province is as depressing as it is mystifying. Sad.

  4. Out of 13 million or of the provinces population, half of which probably arent eligable to vote only less than a few million showed up to vote?!?! What the hell?

    People got to stop waiting for the " ideal " canidates and vote for the least likely one to ruin the economy further. Hudak should of been more aggressive and not try to convice us he's how swell of a guy he is. "vote for me, I'm Tim Hudak!" should of been "vote for me, I'm not a communist!"... Worked well enough for Rob Ford in the Lib/dip stronghold of toronto. It was both honest and catchy and frigging hilarious.

    Hudak should if done more to back up Harris's legacy of doing what was necessary to set the province on the right fiscal path to the provinces economic liberty.

    When you look at popular vote the PC's did okay but no where near as good as I was suspecting. Just barely forcing a minority.

    Hopefully when this minority falls, it will be clear enough to the populace to get informed and vote. All their future life chioces will depend on it, unfortunetly.