Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Poll Questions

Happy Halloween! In honour of the day I have two poll questions. The first question; have you or will you wear a Halloween costume in public this year? The second question is dedicated to my nephew; should Halloween be a statutory holiday? He recently argued that Halloween should be an official holiday, and while I'm pretty sure how this poll will turn out, for his sake I had to ask. Perhaps it could be a day off school, but not a full blown stat holiday. Really my nephew was pissed off that he had to go to school on Halloween more so than he was advocating a new stat.

I've been seeing a lot of adults wearing Halloween costumes this past week, and I am curious to know how many of you are members of this club. If you are invited to a costume party and dress up for one night, that's acceptable; but when Darth Vader is bagging my groceries, I tend to roll my eyes in disapproval (FYI: no disrespect to people who work bagging groceries. That was my first job in high school). Then again, some employers likely encourage their staff to wear costumes today in order to max out the flavour of the day. I worked today. I dressed up as an ice maker. Nobody noticed, but then again, it wasn't a costume.


  1. I intend to dress as "Freddie Kruger" and assault Mary Walsh at her home. Nothing nasty,just a loud roar and a charge with a 12 inch butcher's knife held high.

    She'll undoubtedly laugh and laugh.

    I used to enjoy T or T'in when I was a kid,we were dirt poor Prairie kids and getting free treats was a big deal. Had the pleasure of tipping over several outhouses,too.

    Times have changed,kids now have so much sugar pumped into them,there's no such thing as a "treat" anymore,and "trick" would be an invite to the cop shop and possibly juvenile Court.

    It's okay for kindergarten age kids,I suppose,but beyond that age,they're almost as cynical as I,so celebrating Halowe'en seems very much passe.

    I have 108 treats to hand out,...whoops..., ate two of those little O'Henry bars,so hope we'll have two less kids.

    Happy Halowe'en, I think.

  2. I dressed up and took my daughter out trick or treating. I don't think it should be a stat thoough. Why the hell should the gov't stick their nose into THAT too?