Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kevin Page Booked For Liberal Fundraiser?

Here's an interesting story; parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page was booked for a speaking appearance at an event on Tuesday in BC that turned out to be a Liberal fundraiser. This was news to Kevin Page, who had been told by organizers that it was a non-partisan event only to find out later that the Liberals would be taking donations at the door. Page then refused to appear unless that money was donated to charity...and no, the Liberal Party doesn't count as a charity. The organizer of the event happens to be the VP of the Liberal riding association for Nanaimo. Whether or not donations were taken for the party, this was still a Liberal event and begs the question why Kevin Page is taking bookings to speak at such an engagement. His job demands neutrality, and I don't think the Liberal lecture circuit can be labelled as non-partisan regardless of who takes home the donations.


  1. A bigger question..why is the Parliamentry Budget Officer speaking at any event? Do the job your getting paid very well to do, if it means opposing the current govt so be it, but, speaking at any event only hurts the status of the position.

  2. If it had been a Conservative fundraiser, the media would be predictably howling like hurt banshees. Yeah I know, they do that with everything Conservative anyways.
    Kevin Page OUTED! I love it.

  3. If there ever was any doubt about Page's political leanings, this clearly sheds light on them. Obviously, Page should either resign his lucrative PS sinecure and run for office, or simply keep his views to himself.