Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wage Freezes For Public Sector Workers

Today's poll question; what should be done with wages for public sector workers? Should they be increased, frozen, or reduced? This has become a headline issue in the Ontario election campaign with the Progressive Conservatives pledging to freeze the wages of public workers. There are many who believe those wages are already too high and they should be reduced instead of frozen, but the latter is preferable to the union pandering of Dalton McGuinty. Dalton is a big government Liberal and those promises are funded through increased taxation. It is astounding that he maintains any support at all; which either speaks to his skill as a campaigner or is a symptom of Ontario's high proportion of public workers in the work force.

I don't know what is going to happen on Thursday, but I would be very happy if Dalton McGuinty is booted from office. Looking at the polling, the rise of the NDP might be a bigger problem for the Liberals than many mainstream pundits realize.


  1. Canada is a Marxist country and that is why McGuinty is going to win.

    Canadians are a controlled bunch.

  2. Alot of Ontarians want Dalton as premier again. For some reason they rather be in a have-not province, living in green, with high utility bills. They like the way Dalton coax them into thinking for him.
    I guess living off other province to survive must give the ontarian/voters pride when in truth Ontario was once a striving Have province.

    The funny part of it is that morons of reporters who live in Ontario bitch and complain even accuse the fed. gov on their deficit spending yet their man Dalton has spent beyond limits- not on things needed but on things like 'green eco shit' which is ruining their province.

  3. They better think again as our new premier will maybe cause a lot of job losses etc and we wont be able to pay Ont and Que.
    She will not attend the meetings in the USA re the X-L pipeline. That says a lot, maybe all those workers from the east will have to go home, to welfare.

  4. We have all heard stories of the abused wife, and oh, he didn't mean it. If Ont re-elects the liberals the citizens of Ont will be the abused wife and they will have 4 yrs of further abuse.

  5. At least Maryt, we have David Rutherford to keep tabs on Redford.
    Apparently she doesn't get it, she just won to replace Stelmach until the election date sometime next year.
    By that time the public will be well informed through David.