Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Happy That I No Longer Live In Ontario

Allow me to take a moment to offer my sympathy to the poor suckers still living in Ontario who have to suffer four more years of Dalton McGuinty. May God have mercy on your taxes. His re-election makes about as much sense as Stockholm Syndrome. Dalton owes the teacher's union a little quid pro quo for their effort getting him re-elected, and I'm glad that I no longer live in Ontario. Christy Clark is no picnic, but I'd take her over Dalton 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. How much did the public sector unions spend on advertising in this election? It sure felt like they spent more money than the actual Liberal Party.

It is strange that Dalton can win by 2% of the popular vote, but get 15% more seats. Will left wingers be complaining about that evil first past the post system tomorrow morning? Don't count on it, but when Harper wins a majority with a similar proportion of the vote share, it is a crime against humanity. I get it. At least Harper's Conservatives defeated the 2nd place challenger by 9% instead of 2%.

To those who want to pile on Hudak and throw him under the bus, remember it has been over 40 years since a rookie leader won an Ontario general election on their first try (1985 Peterson finished in 2nd place but became Premier with Bob Rae's help). Frankly if you want to replace him, that's up to you, but his replacement is also going to struggle regardless of who that person is. Hudak grew the size of caucus. Do a leadership review, but there should be no rush to replace him.


  1. Even with the mass amount of money spent by unions and teachers, it resulted in a loss of 17 seats for liberals.
    Keep Hudak as leader and let his grow, as dalton has to try to fix the mess he has made.
    Did ekos help keep voters home, by his polling saying dalton was leading by 10% How wrong he was, again.
    But, voters in some ridings did get the message and defeated cabinet ministers and the speaker, not a bad night.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I paid Rae taxes and be very afraid of Christy, as she is the same.

  3. if we had any true conservatives advocating true conservative positions we would win. today you can't tell a conservative from a liberal or a liberal from an ndp. even mr. harper is floating along like a liberal. what the h-ll is a conservative to do?

  4. We need a Revolution to rip this country from he special interests and unions and give it back to the average person.

    Thomas Jefferson, back in 1776, knew exactly what he was doing when he and the Founding Father's broke away from Britain.

    I say it's time us Canadians have our own DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from this corrupt dirty political system.

    The sooner the better.

  5. We're being treated to obnoxious, blatantly self-serving election advertizing by the SGEU here in Saskatchewan. In a way, I don't mind, since there is an unintended message screaming out louder than the slick, intended message. This will work against the SGEU and the NDP. Go Brad Wall!!

  6. exactly. just waiting for the 62% voting against us so we're not legit refarain to start.
    seriously, we only lost by 2%. just imagine if Tim had actually gone after McGuinty's record.
    unfortunately, fear kept him playing Liberal Lite.

  7. If you think McGuinty is bad try living in Manitoba. Ontario in the promised land in comparison.

  8. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

    We live to fight another day.