Friday, October 28, 2011

NDP Leadership Race Getting Crowded

The number of people who have joined the NDP leadership race is now up to 8 with the addition of labour activist Peggy Nash. There are many heavy hitters within the party that are now vying for the top job, which also means that they are giving up their critics portfolios. That means no questions in Question Period, not joining panels on political shows while they campaign to replace Jack. Now that the A team is invested in a leadership race, the B and C team is being elevated to the top speaking positions. Having Nycole Turmel struggle to speak English is already a negative, throwing the rookies into the fire is not going to work out well for the NDP.

I will be VERY interested to watch the NDP leadership debates. I really really really want to listen to this cast of characters debate among themselves what should be the priorities of the party. Mulcair wants to move the party farther away from unions, and I can only imagine that Peggy Nash will have something to say about that. Those are the moments you want to record and save for future playback...


  1. libby,libby,libby....

  2. Peggy said that she supports union involvement in the party. Said there are too many workers who don't belong to a union are are being taken advantage of, or words to that effect.
    When asked about something she said the next PM will have to blah blah, and she will be up to the job. Remember what happened when Jack said he liked the sound of PM Layton.
    One of the panelists on P&P today said the party is becoming frayed around the edges, even with their support increasing in Que.
    It will be an interesting next 6 months.
    How will those voting by mail in ballot get to vote when it goes to the 2 or 5th ballot. The vote could take weeks.

  3. During the NDP leadership debates it will be interesting to keep a count on how often the different candidates invoke Layton's name. My guess is the more to the left they lean the less Layton's name will be uttered.

    Louise M.

  4. Hey, I want Libby Davis; that corner stone of the party.

  5. I want Libby,too,but the top dogs at the NDP seem too anti-lesbian to do the right thing and elect the long time people's warrior Party Leader!

    Nash will veer the Party closer to being ONLY the spokesman for Unionized government employees,the rest of us won't count in their books.

    It becomes more painfully obvious every day that Layton WAS the Party,and without him,they revert to being the far Left activists they always were.

    The Liberals have four long years to find a credible Leader, not a Messiah,and in 2015 they should be back in Opposition with not too much trouble.

    The NDP looks to be a one-hit wonder.