Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Protests Prepare Demands

Now that the Occupy Canada protests have begun, we can expect these clowns to start making demands in the near future. Today's poll question; what demand do you most expect to emerge from the Occupy protests? There are plenty of options to choose from. It could be changing the retirement age to 40, or even 25. They could demand bigger government, or they could demand no government at all. Perhaps they want to revive the soviet union? How does a 3 day work week sound to you? Should we shut down our stock exchanges and nationalize the banks? Maybe the government should pay off all your debt? What about guaranteeing every citizen at least $30,000 per year even if they choose not to work?

Have you noticed that the Occupy Wall street people are not protesting Obama's government? Obama has an election coming up soon and how long do you think it will take before the Occupy demands become Obama's election promises? Canada is in a safer position with the Conservatives holding a majority government, with the next election a few years away.


  1. I expect the occupy Bozo's will request ALL of the items and more you have displayed in the demands.

    Lots of luck with that!

  2. Basically if you add up the majority of demands they amount to demanding communism. They started in NY with the demand to end capitalism, while failing to grasp that capitalism has not existed in the USA for a very long time. They blame Wall Street and corporations while turning a blind eye to the fact that it was federal government policy that was to blame including the bailing out of banks. This is the direct result of government being involved with corporations, banks and the private sector which is contrary to capitalism where the free market decides.

    They are having trouble drumming up demands in Canada, since we did not bail out our banks. The same argument doesn't wash here. Still we see the typical radical leftist unions along with a strong dose of anti-Semitism. There is not a single one of them doing any kind of productive work which is why I label them parasites.

  3. I noticed our twit page was there yesterday, with another guy, leading the crowd in chants, and telling them what organizations they were setting up, from libraries, sanitation, information and a dozen others. What will be in the library, Karl Marks,(sp) Rules for Radicals.
    Why are unions there, if there was no govt cupe would be abolished. No corporations to produce goods, where would the auto caw workers go. They all had cell phones and other products of those horrible corporations, and someone was supplying them with food-someone had to work to grow it and get it to stores. Some said they were there for their grandchildren, this from some gal about 20. Others are there for their pensions, and they are about 40. Who has any idea of what will be going on in 30-40 years. What a bunch of losers, and we should be thankful they don't vote. Probably don't know how to make an X.

  4. Oh, and some want all debt cancelled, I suppose that means those who got loans in the bailouts are going to have that debt wiped out too.

  5. How ironic that Unions were there. Unions are power hungry corporations with a captive market. Union members have no free choice over membership nor do they have a choice how their union dues are spent. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot to improve your running ability.

  6. Unions big CEOs' bosses are money hungry alright. Look at GREECE.

    We are the best country in the world, and the protesters are protesting for a Greece- a bottomless pit country that eats money from innocent people.
    Peggy Nash who constantly speaks out for the aboriginals who, her party have not supported much of anything for aboriginals far less to investigate how and where the Chiefs spend billions of dollars on.

    Bob Rae who bankrupt his province of Ontario is protesting against what? himself?

    And big union hot shot bosses are protesting for what more union dues so they can use it on themselves?
    What about protesting against Dalton and the very high eco tax. He and his government have been raising taxes to pay for turbines wind mills and so on, that nobody wants.