Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Am The 99%...

Judging by some of the hate mail I've received lately, I should probably clarify that I am not in the top 1% of wage earners in Canada. I am part of the bottom 99%, which entitles me to speak on behalf of all Canadians. All my complaints and everything I write is a representative sample of 99% of the country. I'm angry that I make less money than those fat cats at CUPE who are gorging themselves on tax payer dollars, and I want to go down to their nearest office, pitch a tent, and occupy their lobby until they are decertified. 99% of Canadians agree with me because I make less money than the top 1%.

Also, I have one "dedicated follower" in Toronto who keeps insulting me for being a security guard. Just to keep everyone current, I haven't worked security since 2009 and currently have a really cool job that I enjoy a great deal. It's pretty funny to have an Occupy supporter attack you for NOT being rich. Perhaps I'm just not allowed to have an opinion because I am a blue collar worker.


  1. Forget that idiot. You rock. If you aren't getting leftard hate you aren't doing it right. Look at Ezra. Well done man. I wish I was half the blogger your are.

  2. Thanks Al. I've been blogging a lot less since the Tories won their majority and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. The show must go on, but I've been distracted. It is what it is.

  3. Public sector union members are part of the 1% - they consume the vast majority of our tax dollars in salary, benifits, and perks. They are significantly over paid in relation to private sector and work far less hours. So, if you want to know who is in the top ranks of the well to do - simply look at the public sector union thugs - unlike the rich in the private sector who create wealth, create jobs, invest their own money and take all the risk, union hacks simply show up and get their tax funded money.

  4. Agree Ron,
    It is time the union bosses are held accountable by opening their books.

  5. Ron and Fay...

    I can agree with most of what you say... but what about private sector unions (and yes they do exist)...

  6. Ignore the hate mail for it is confirmation that you struck a nerve; the truth always hurts and they don't like it. Keep up the good work.

  7. Forget the idiots out there, Ice, you're doing a good job. I have no idea who the "1%" would include in Canada; assume it's the Westons and Irvings and Aspers, etc. The rest of us are so busy working to pay the taxes which pay for the upkeep of the parks wherein the protesters reside (not to mention upkeep of restrooms, etc.) that we haven't the spare time to take a few weeks 'off' to go camping and commune with others (and do other things - hence the Occupy Calgary appeal for condoms).

  8. These toronto campers should march over the the John&Wellington CBC studio and protest those elite white wealthy parasites that get $1.2 biilion in Corportae-Welfare they hate so much , then go to the GM/Chrysler Offices for their Copr-welfare hand outs to keep CAW fat cats employed to makes cars people are not buying.

    I laughed when Olivia Chow went to the Camp-City to fee ltheir pain, she and Jacl had goerged at the public trough most of theiur lives and had 2 obscene MP salaries with no kids or a mortgage, they get a gold-palted pesnion and private health Care that cansdian can only dream about.

    So in 20 years when most of my generation are eating cat food and can't pay our bills or ent, remember that Olivia feels your pain and will cut back to 3 meals a day as a silent protect, or vacation in communist Cuba/China only once a year
    out of respect for the poor.

    I'm still trying to calculate the CARBON-Footprint and ECO damage to the Earth
    from the "Jack-in-the-box" tour by jet aircrafts and V8 limos as thousands of elite rich white-folks drove their V8 cars to Roy Thompson hall to exhalt the GREEN NDp leader and his crusades for Social Justice and equality.
    But how odd that he let Svend Robinson run for the NDP even after Svend's Conviction for stealing a $60'000.00 item and then wept before a Court to get Special Status as a MP and homosexual that snapped and finally got caught after years of stress from the homophobia in canada since his divorce in the previous choice as a heterosexual married to his wife .
    Funny how some people PRETEND to be STR8 for political gains and now PRETEND to turn gay for Political gains as Libby Davies and Kathlene Whynn did in the guise of Coming-out. The yseem more like habitual liars that will do what's popular to gain power, and since they can't Turn-Black....the best Lottery Tciket is to turn-gay after decades of being STR8.

  9. Since the occupy/camp-out Vancouver people are not asked to pay camping fees like anyone else camping ANYwhere in BC would be, and since they occupy public parks, is the precident set for free camping or do we need a protest sign?, and can we camp anywhere if we do have a sign?
    Funny how confussing life gets when far left governments cater to their fellow fools and ignore the laws on the books.