Friday, October 21, 2011

Stop Calling Yourselves "The 99%"

We need to get something straight; the far left does not represent 99% of the population and the Occupy protesters need to stop making that claim. These clowns are being interviewed repeatedly on local talk radio here in Vancouver and they keep saying "we are the 99%". Sure it's clever, but it's dishonest. Let's find out what percentage of Canadians support the Occupy protests so the miscreants can instead say "we are the 30% or less". In fact, today's poll question will be "do you support the Occupy Canada protests?"

When the Tea Party emerged as a protest to high government spending, the left's response was ridicule and homophobic jokes. I'm not going to start suggesting that these Occupy Canada protesters are busy sucking each other's nut sacks, but I am more than happy to ridicule their cause.


  1. "Ridicule their cause" Hmmm Iceman they are doing that everytime they open their mouths.
    The only thread I can find running through their whiny complaints is "Pay My student loans"
    Like it's my fault they majored in Klingon Poetry.
    As for who they represent ?
    Only their whiny selves of whom I am sure 99% live in Mom's basement.
    If they represent 3% of the population I would be amazed.
    Who do they think "elected" them anyway?
    Cheers Bubba

  2. Actually they represent even less than 1% of the population, so to claim they represent 99% is an unsellable lie bought only by the Left. They have never warranted the publicity they receive.

  3. Klingon Poetry? Too funny!

    They represent themselves and their demands are too silly for any person with half a brain to give more than a thought to. I guess with the decline of global warming, they have to come up with something else to protest.

  4. I can tell you, 99% of Vancouverites do not support the protests after they've now put the VPD into a deficit...

  5. These idiots have cost the taxpayer of Vancouver $500,000.00 and rising. The mayor says it's ok. Might I remind him it is not his money. If he thinks it is ok let him put up the funds from his wealthy family.

  6. How many of them so call 99% work for the union? they should take their protests to the union own big bosses and ceos for taking away a % of unions dues and for what- to pay for political parties. How about taking their protest to CBC for taking millions of their money-our money to give to big bonuses to friends etc.

    In fact, why not go inside CBC and have a cup of 'free' coffee paid for, of course by us.

  7. Reporters should ask reasonable questions

    do you know which country has a sound banking system in the world?

    if you had a business and was prosperous would you redistribute your wealth to the guy who does not want to work-the NDP style platform?

    If he babbles that coorperation should pay them then tell them to ask the union big headquaters bosses for their money. CBC as well.

    Which country would you like to live in right now: Canada, Greece or other? If he say canada
    ask why? why canada and not Greece.

    If he says that Greece is mess up no jobs or whatever, tell him "what do you think you are trying to do right now if not be like Greece"?

    What will happen if and when big non unionized businesses ever leave canada for other countries where people really want to work, and the oilsands shuts down and banks actually closes. who or what is going to pay for the 'freeness' you want so you can protest whenever you feel like-who?

    'You see all those people going to work right now I think that they should redistribute their earnings to their families and not one dime goes to you. You want big stuffs for yourselves- pay for it yourself but don't expect the hard working people to give you a dime'.

    In other words those who work hard and pay their taxes are the ones who should be protesting for having to pay for people who don't want to work. and believe me they are the 99.9%.

  8. Iceman, they can barely form sentences, so give them a break if they forgot the decimal point before the 99%.

  9. A legal street food kiosk owner beside the Occupy Vancouver site has said that her sales are down 50% since the start of protests. Tenters insisted that her food be given away free...get with the program because they were being supplied with ALL their food for free. Same with water, porta-potties (for adult toilet re-training?), and endless assistance from the myriad of vacuous stick in the eye reporters.

  10. Dsaar, the prosters want everything given to them for free but ask them to give whatever change they have, or even their tents for free, the horror cross their faces.

    These are the people that the unions and mps like to promote...not the poor soul who owns the food kiosk. Sad, very sad.

    Susan, the media has to keep these people fed so they can write stories on them.

  11. I forgot to ask. "Is libby Davies, Fry, and other ndp mp and liberals living in Vancouver openning their houses and free food to the protesters"?

  12. I tend to have the point of view that the occupation is no different than a prostitute occupying a street corner.

  13. I say give them a cent, call them loony, ship the off to ....