Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Alberta And BC Conservatives Have In Common

In a result that nobody saw coming, Alison Redford is now suddenly the Premier of Alberta after winning a party nomination to replace the sitting PC leader. She did not win an election to be Premier, only a nomination process; eerily similar to Christy Clark's rise to power in British Columbia. The early consensus seems to be that Redford is very liberal, again eerily similar to Clark. Both are left leaning, did not become Premier in a general election, and both irritate Conservatives in provinces that vote strongly Tory federally. Allow me to predict that both will lose their first election campaigning for the Premier's office.

It won't take long before the Alberta PC party starts regretting replacing Ed Stalmach, as many of their rank and file defect to the Wildrose. If you are a supporter or member of the Wildrose Alliance in Alberta, the nomination of Redford is likely to be better for you than the reign of "Steady Eddy". In BC, our fledgling Conservative Party stands to benefit from the folly of Christy Clark. Manure makes good fertilizer.


  1. It is not over for Alberta....meaning, there is an election to come next year.

  2. As one Albertan who wouldn't vote FOR any of the leadership candidates I am not going to jump to any conclusions regarding Redford. She has a HUGE repair job to do in Alberta just to get back to where we were before Special Ed took the reigns of power and stampeded the province into the economic ditch. I wish her well and hope for the best. At the same time I am planning on voting Wild Rose in the next general election unless Redford does a stellar job and cuts the bureaucracy by 2/3s.

  3. IMO both the "PC's (Liberals) in Alberta and the Christy the clown Liberals in BC have made huge mistakes by electing these two. I can't for see either of these two actually being elected to govern by the peasants of either Province. It shows a certain ingrained cynicism and contempt by the party elite and illustrates how far left both these party's have drifted, but fooling the peasants to actually vote for either of these two lefty's won't be so easy. Although the media in both Provinces will do their dishonest best to try.