Monday, October 3, 2011

Christy Clark Announces New Holiday

Today residents of British Columbia learned that we are going to get a new holiday in February, called Family Day. While many of us enjoy getting paid not to work, it is costly from an economic perspective. Do you feel that you should get more days off work? The volume of negative phone calls to talk radio was surprising as you'd expect most people to be happy about getting an extra day off. Even people who were happy to get the day off called to complain that it felt like a desperate attempt at bribery from a dying, lame duck political party. We won't be getting that day off this upcoming February, but rather shortly before our next provincial election (when Christy will be booted from office). The timing is very convenient.


  1. Surprised she didn't call it "Christy Day".

  2. Allah almighty! This is as silly as Bill Vanderzalm's promise to reduce the price of beer!

    Christy, how about addressing the important issues,and showing some stern leadership in the negotiations with the BCTF,how about dropping the carbon tax,and stopping the windmill subsidies, forcing BC Hydro to purchase power at three times the going rate, just to mention a few items that need to be addressed before you do a "feel-good" moment?

    I guess this is all we can expect from Christy Clark, government by photo-op and sound bite.

  3. Happy Christy Clark day everyone 1+ years later and still nothing kinda like the removal of the HST