Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupying Traffic

For a protest movement that seeks to grow public support for their anti-capitalism rhetoric, these clowns seem unable to grasp the simple concept that if you block traffic to force people to take notice, you will inevitably piss off far more people than you'll impress. Today the Occupy Toronto people began occupying vital intersections creating traffic havoc in Canada's largest city, because nothing wins hearts and minds quite like sitting in gridlock. I'm not sure how your movement can claim to represent 99% of people when your actions are only going to upset the 93% who have jobs and just want to get home from work.

All those idle car engines are pumping extra exhaust into the atmosphere, damaging the city's already poor air quality...and the greenhouse gases!!!??? Are the occupy protesters trying to destroy the planet? It seems as though they would rather spread misery and destruction instead of creating a Utopian society in Karl Marx's image.


  1. I'm wondering what will happen if they get in front of a logger with a five year old F-250 and is running later for a doctors appointment?

    Bet it'd make good You-tube..

  2. Since this is illegal why were they not removed by the police?

  3. We all reap what we sow, therefore Toronto deserves everything these crackpots inflict them with.

  4. aain, the police have become usless. look at the g8, caladonia and the riots in vancouver. controlling rioters and protesters require that they actually do something. the only thing they seem to do efectively is enforce bylaws and then only if it can really screw up someone's life.

  5. Noting your top poll question includes the option, "three day work week", that could definitely fit into a reworked capitalist program. Better than it would fit the socialists' ideology (historically proven a gross failure over the centuries).

    Select companies have in place job sharing arrangements, particularly in the accounting/finance sectors and are meeting with some sucesses in that it's increasing production and efficiences.

    Mark Carney, Governor of the bank of Canada, has rightly cited that the protests have a "constructive" element. While, Finance Ministe Jim Flaherty has stated the protesters "have a point." Both, along with our Prime Minister, know the income disparities, while the bank bailouts have increased profits and bonuses over the received stimulus monies, happen to constitute the major, but largely ambiguous, undefined complaint, even unfocused among the protesters.

    IF the recommended trillion euro stimulus injections in the EU target massive job creation, starting with the youth and the private sector steps up to the place risking new capital injections by massive hiring of the youth demographic at viable, inflation adjusted wages, the life support apparatus, (Keynsian app) presents the best, maybe only chance, to reverse course.

    Job sharing based on the Japanese team work model, whereby two retain oversight, innovation over a product or service, has every potential to increase efficiencies, excellence in production and output.

    At viable wages for each team member, consumerism would get a reboot by an expanded labour pool.

    It can be viewed as a decades old forecast whose time has come in the tech age. Working smarter, not harder, increasing quality home lifestyles whereby the youth could afford to have families, because they have the time, morale, and paycheque to improve work and homelife. Commuter traffic in urban centres would be halved.

    It does mean as Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada, has been recommending for several months, that the private sector must risk capital in the initial stages, but the returns at doubling the labour pool now in Europe, the U.S. and Canads would be phenomenal. To be viewed as a depression busting app. Quality assessment/control over the affected product/service, would reboot consumerism in leaps and bounds. The resultant benefits to the work/homelife balance would show results within months.

  6. What demand do you most expect to emerge from the Occupy protests?

    At the bottom of your opinion to the question you forgot to add: or 'all the above'.

  7. If all the options are chosen as in the above statement, The finacial armageddon resulting in a full fledged depression will materialize, despite the fierce determination of the three most honourable records of three Canadian key players -- Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada.

    Those competent, honourable economists, respected worldwide, are making guargantuan efforts to divert a crisis that will halt all the needed growth across every sector out there at the democratic people's peril.

    Respect for those three and their direct colleagues should rightly grow at this time and where support can be expressed and reach them prior to the critical upcoming meetings.

    Their main job along with their counterparts is to persuade the private sector to REINVEST in viable wage jobs.