Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Absorbing The Bloc: NDP Strategy?

When the NDP gobbled up 92% of the Bloc Quebecois' seats in the 2011 election, it might not have been a coincidence, but rather coordinated strategy. I'd be curious to know just how many of the new Quebec NDP MPs are former members of Quebec separatist parties and organizations like their new interim leader. Turmel disclosed her past associations to NDP leadership prior to running in the last election, so the Party knew this information prior to her candidacy and eventual selection as Party leader. What better way to attract Bloc voters than to run Bloc members? The Bloc still had 890,000 votes in 2011, votes I'm sure the NDP are trying to woo.

It is starting to look like Turmel is fast becoming the best thing to happen to the Liberal Party in the last decade. Her interview on Tuesday with Rosemary Barton trying to explain why she joined the Bloc Quebecois and Quebec Solidaire was vague and hardly made any sense. She joined the Bloc because her friend asked her to, and she liked their policy on "scabs". The sovereignty matter was not important, well except that as a member she was also giving the Bloc money allowing them to fuel their fight for independence. Who cares about that, they had good policy on making it illegal to hire replacement workers in the event of a strike. National unity, or no more scabs? Yes, she willingly donated financial resources to an organization dedicated to splitting up the country, but her friend asked her to and everybody hates scabs, right? That was the Rosemary Barton Show on Tuesday.

With each passing day, this leadership selection is just getting worse for the Dippers. However there might be more at play than meets the eye, mostly whether or not the Bloc will even continue to exist without party subsidies. The Bloc was entirely funded by federal tax money, and without that cash, it makes sense to fold the Bloc and put all their resources into the Parti Quebecois mothership. If the Bloc folds, then nearly a million Quebec voters are suddenly up for grabs.


  1. I guess bloc seperatists thought they were being crafty.In reality they simply moved to the NDP.Ive always said give people enough rope and they always hang themselves.Bye bye NDP nice knowing you.Now we know the difference between the Liberal party and the NDP.


  2. We have to be more nuanced about this. If we take these progressive One Worlders at their word then believe them when they say they don’t care about sovereignty… they are simply about redistributing other people’s money.

    Turmel was president of the 150,000-member Public Service Alliance of Canada for six years, she spoke of her commitment to social justice (whatever that means) and equality and fairness…that means taking your hard earned money and letting the One Worlders be charitable with it. Before stepping down, from the Federal PSAC she endorsed the union’s decision to support four Bloc candidates in the 2006 federal election. She says that doesn’t make her a Separatist. Ok then what does it make her?

    Separatists and government unions have one thread in common. They keep telling us that it isn’t about sovereignty and we should believe them because they certainly don’t care about Canada. The NDP in the ROC need to do some deep soul searching about how Jack has high-jacked their Party.


  3. This whole move to overtake the NDP began back in the 1970's and is continuing on it's natural path.
    The first successes for the separatists was the absorption of CUPW and it continued on to PSAC and others.
    Most spin writers have the issue reversed. It isn't the NDP grabbing the separatists, it's the other way around. The PDB people have grabbed the NDP.
    As a foot note I want to remind everyone how very frightening is their anti-Semitic behavior has been.

  4. She had her fingers crossed behind her back when she joined the BLOC so she never really meant it, see.
    She is an opportunist in the same mold as Bob Rae.

  5. I want to know if she attended any meeting of the Bloc, or conventions etc. Did she write letters to papers to support them. How involved was she in the campaigns of the candidates her union supported.
    What else would she do for a friend, jump off a bridge, join a protest, or just join their party.

  6. The NDP has to rally around Turmel, because is they admit that Bloc membership is bad, they risk alienating a significant chunk of their new "base". They will destroy their popularity outside of Quebec in order to save the seats they have. Watch the Barton interview, Turmel is way out of her league being the leader of a major political party. She can barely handle basic questions, and her english is terrible.

  7. The only surprise in the Barton interview is that Barton actually did a much better job than one would expect from the CBC in trying to dig around the pretzel logic of this farce.


  8. The BQ was a National Socialist Party (i.e. dedicated to having the State distribute resources on the basis of ethnic background) while the NDP is a Social Democratic Party (i.e. having the State distribute resources on the basis of class). Since there isn't too much difference between them, shifting from one to the other is an almost natural fit...


    John Baglow,aka Dr.Dawg,has written an article at the National Post in which he swears Turmel's a federalist.

    Baglow, a card-carrying member of the NDP, was apparently VP of the PSAC for nine years while Turmel was President.

    So, I'm sure we can take his solemn word that Turmel's a loyal Canadian.

    Sure we can. Of course.

    I would NEVER suggest otherwise.

  10. Quebecers thought they were pulling a fast one. Quebecers found out that the biggest obstacle to a coalition of socialists and separatists was the open declaration of the Bloc as separatists themselves. Quebecers thought that hiding the separatist movements cause under the banner of the NDP would fool Canadians and take away Canadians resistance to a coalition. A coalition of separatists and socialists by stealth. Turmel and her separatist comrades thought they could hide away in the NDP and be more palatable to the rest of Canadians, but they have been caught out, with the inevitable result.