Friday, August 5, 2011

So Who Leaked Turmel's Bloc Past To The Media?

This is a question that we might never know the answer to, but I'd be very curious to know who informed the media of NDP leader Nycole Turmel's Bloc membership history. This was not something that the Dippers put in their original press release, but it was something known to their leadership. Had this information been easily available, the media would have reported on it when she was appointed interim leader. People knew prior to the NDP's Wednesday announcement that she had previously endorsed a Bloc candidate, but not that she was a due paying member. There have been rumours that the information came courtesy of Tom Mulcair, though at this point such an assertion is just speculation. It just as likely came from the top NDP brass after people on talk radio (CBC Sunday Cross Country Check-up) were openly calling her a separatist.

The leak had to come from either the Bloc or from within the NDP, because those were the only two parties that seemed to know this information. We know that a number of NDP MPs expressed surprise when they found out, so it is unlikely that the party leadership disclosed this information when her candidacy for leader was put to a caucus vote. Guaranteed the Bloc was well aware that she was a member and sending them money, so it is plausible that they leaked it to the media. Either way, this looks really bad to Canadians outside of Quebec and the Dippers would be smart to replace her before Parliament resumes. Then again, they don't want to admit that there could possibly be anything wrong with running people who were once Bloc members now that they are dependent on former Bloc voters for the majority of their caucus.

When I asked my friend who is a registered NDP member what he thought about the NDP gains in the 2011 election; his response, "easy come, easy go"...


  1. It seems to me that Turmel's past should have been known to anyone who bothered to investigate. Are not donations to political parties public record?

    I can understand that the Ottawa press gallery would have known little about Turmel the day before Layton's bombshell announcement. But since she is the official opposition leader you'd think someone, anyone would have done some basic research. The level of navel gazing that goes on up there is astounding.

    When a new opposition leader is appointed it is big news. Proper coverage of this story includes some details on the history, views and actions of the new leader. It seems the usual bunch didn't care enough to do that.

  2. On the contrary. "It seems the usual bunch didn't care enough to do that."

    Bias is not only what is said, a great deal of bias is what is NOT SAID!! Say something that might resonate negatively! About the Champion of Social and Union Justice!! You've got to be kidding.

  3. It really doesn't matter the cat is out of the bag.
    Awaiting the next bombshell.
    Resignation time.

  4. Good question Iceman! Lemme guess here, given the lack of any sort of investigative reporting.
    Remember when the Media dug up Helena Guergis's old boyfriend from back in the day?
    But of course she was Conservative, 'nough said.
    Of course if HMPM Harper had handed off to any one other then the Dalai Lama, the biased Media would be all over that person.
    When they reported on Turmel it was copied right off the NDP's handout, lazy, nothing to see here, did we mention Jack is sick?
    As to whom outed her..... could have been a lot of people even, Jack, wouldn't want the new Bloc pinch hitter to get too comfortable now would we?
    It is pretty weird that Libby and Tom were not put in charge.
    Is that not why you have Deputy Leaders to start with?
    Aah the NDP, an enigma wrapped in a mystery.

  5. I don't see any reason for her to resign. Duceppe was leader of the Official Oppositon when Chretien was PM. About the only difference between then and now is the party name on the door. I suggest they should change the name of the party to the NDB.

  6. Iceman listen to the tape and Rae comments to Turmel in particular the area about Turmel support for the blog-a party that wants to separate this country. UH!!!!!!!!!!

    What about the lady reinterating what Dion said to a newspaper that there should be more transparency.

    What, 'break up the country; transparency' whoa.
    Didn't rae and the liberals and the ndp and the blog signed a coalition agreement to 'overthrow a duly elected conservative PM.

    Not a reporter was capable to respond to Rae's comment such as " Come again" what in the hell did you three opposition parties did?"
    Unfortunately, the reporters continue to shy away in fear whenever a liberal opens his mouth like this.

  7. Ah, it was most likely Olivia getting even with Jack for getting caught out in the 'rub and tug scandal' and her having to 'still the waters' by saying it was 'no big deal'.

    No story with legs


  8. Anything that hastens the demise of the NDP is a good thing.