Monday, August 22, 2011

Is There Room For CTV News Channel?

The Sun News Network is changing the landscape of Canadian media, and I can think of a few people that have to be really pissed off about this new reality. Don Newman and Jane Taber were probably the two most vocal opponents who tried to stomp out the idea while in its infancy. Despite losing its bid for the must carry status that CBC Newsworld and CTV enjoy and being available on millions fewer television sets, Sun News is overtaking the competition after just 4 months on the air. One thing is clear, CTV News Channel is getting its ass kicked and is a distant 3rd place. If you ask me Jane Taber drove that network into the ground, to the point where we need to ask if there is even room for Taber's network in the new Canadian media. Back when the CRTC was deliberating whether or not to give the Sun must carry license Jane was vilifying Kory Teneycke on an almost daily basis. Ironically, now that the Sun Network has been born, you don't see the same mud slinging anymore.


  1. the crtc should be abolished and all the commies that work there should be sent to a work farm where they have to produce that which they eat.

  2. Eating crow seems to be a regular occurrence for CBC personal and it looks good on them.
    As of late, I was wondering if anyone can explain the disappearance of Krista Erickson, is she on holidays, working in the back rooms, or what?
    SUN TV is certainly giving CBC a run for its money with respect to polling numbers. It seems that SUN TV's Ezra Levant's numbers have left Evan Solomon in the dust and I can understand why.
    Personally, I can't stand the guy but that's just me.

  3. I watched Evan Solomon echoing Amnesty misjudged sympathy for deported war criminals while interviewing Vic Toews last week. Evan Solomon sounds like an idiot.

  4. I remember when I first watched Fox News in the states a number of years ago (I'm a little slower with technology than most). My feeling was one of happiness and relief. There really were people out there that thought like me. I always felt out of line with the news media in Canada, particularly the CBC national news.

    And then I was thinking it would be great if Canada had something like this.

    And "Voila"... Sun News.

    Big Relief!

    CTV is irrelevant to me.
    CBC only represents the opposite of Sun News to me, and I had stopped watching that eons ago (well, ok just after discovering Fox).

    Oddly enough, I notice CBC advertising on the Fox news channel... really... this is ridiculous...I would never watch CBC again (except for hockey games). Are they really trying to win me back? To what?

    Anyways, just putting a "few cents" out there.

  5. CTVNN, for me, is like 680News am radio here in the GTA. I can get a quick hit of news and then I turn the channel. I don't stay on the channel, as there is really no reason that grabs you to keep it on for longer than five or ten minutes - you're not missing anything that you can't see repeated in a half-hour.
    CTVNN also seems to hire talking heads who are simply bland, emotionless, and lacking on-air personality. There doesn't seem to be any on-air personality there that wouldn't be missed or known to be away.
    As for SunNN or even CBCNC, I do know when Adler is away. I will notice if Lilley or Levant is not there. I know that Erickson has been on vacation. I would even know if Solomon is away.
    I couldn't even begin to tell you who specifically reads the news at what time on CTVNN. There is simply no reason for any emotional attachment to Bell's news channel.

  6. Only SuNnews should be permitted. All other stations should be banished. only SunTV has a reasonable and correct point of view. Kory Tenyckye is a great leader, second only to the glorious Steven Harper.

  7. Liberals want conservatives to shut up, conservatives want liberals to keep talking because we know they make no sense.

  8. It's not surprising that Tabor and Newman wanted to gag, censor and stop Sun-News from ever starting, as they are a couple of "Liberal", Trudeauvian toadies masquerading as "journalists". "Liberal", Trudeauvian style boot lickers want to shut down debate and are only interested in regurgitating their own narratives. It doesn't surprise me either that Sun News is kicking the asses of the used to be, only game in town CBC, CTV. Both those organizations (CBC,CTV) are corrupt, corrosive, poisonous entities that have slithered and morphed into a self inflicted irrelevancy. Bravo Sun news!