Monday, August 15, 2011

G8 Spending Cover-Up?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Today the NDP has been on the offensive against Tony Clement for allegedly covering up meetings and reports surrounding G8 Summit projects in his riding. Charlie Angus held a press conference to unveil the documents he obtained via a simple access to information request as proof of an elaborate cover up. The information was requested and the government provided it, yet this is supposed to be a cover up? Martha Hall Findlay was just on the Soloman Show decrying this alleged controversy as an example of our democracy being destroyed. Martha basically accused the government of "eliminating the paper trail", but obviously that information was not destroyed and was available by making a simple request.

And do you know why the NDP would have even known to make an ATI request? Because Sheila Fraser already investigated this matter and determined all the spending had been properly accounted for. The accusation of a secret elaborate slush fund doesn't hold water. This is just a retread of an old controversy. You can debate how much money should have been spent making Muskoka look nice ahead of hosting leaders and media from around the world, but the conspiracy theory is a little rich. On the bright side, at least Evan has something to talk about in the middle of August. He kept waving around the documents today. It was quite comical. I'm sure the other dozen people watching found it as amusing as I did...


  1. Despite the idiocy of the various opposition MPs (and ex-MPs), the reality is that no one should be excusing the Government for the sheer and utter waste associated with the G-8 and G-20 last year.

    I have not forgotten. I have not forgiven. And I do not consider Stephen Harper to be leading a Conservative Government — he and Clement have made it abundantly clear that we have Liberals Rebranded.

  2. Yes, for sure..

    I'm getting quite disgusted with the Harper gang and the way they run government. They do indeed look like another bunch of liberal types alright.

    Consider the lies and accusations thrown at this supposed conservative crowd and the silence from them. For example, you'd think if James Moore was truly a right-winger he'd be compelling the CBC to shut up by threatening or enacting funding cuts if they refuse to fly straight-not raise their tax take. Maybe they really agree with the left and are biding their time to prove it... oops, dropped my tinfoil hat...


  3. No real schock, Libby Davies joined the 9/11 Thruthers in canada and wants a full inquiry because the NORAD link to the planes being replace by drones with bombs means the Jean Chretien had to have been in on the Bush 9/11 attack to keep Oil at $25.00 a barrel .
    Libby has gone public with her support for hamas, so why not blame the Jews/Bush and Chretien for slaughtering 3000 civlians.
    But after the Gomery Inquiry do we really think Chretien has the brain to pull it off???, he and Martin used the Sgt.Schultz excuse and claimed they were too stupid to be expected to knwo waht went on under them.

    Right Libby..... a moron for Texas meets a moron from Quebec and executed the most elaborate and complex crime of the century.
    BUT.... tell us where the passengers are from 4 air liners ??, Area-51 with the Roswell Aliens???

  4. For Tony it is all about him and no one else. His stupid leadership aspirations are so obvious as well as his self-love, can't for the life of me understand why Harper wouldn't leave him to rot in the back benches which is still more than he deserves. If he ever does get the leadership I am GONE, he makes me gag too much!

  5. I thought Martha Hall Findlay was defeated in May ...