Thursday, August 4, 2011

Does It Matter That NDP Leader Was A Due Paying Bloc Member?

Today's poll question (borrowed from the CBC Politics Show); "does it matter to you that the interim leader of the opposition once held party membership in the Bloc Quebecois?" Normally I'm not a fan of cutting and pasting CBC poll questions, but in this instance I'd like to see how the Blogging Tory audience responds to the exact same question. The CBC audience went 50% no and 49% yes. The Soloman Show has an audience that is normally about 80% or more left wing, so clearly you have Liberals going both ways on this matter.

Does it matter to you? Who are the Liberals saying yes, and who are the Liberals saying no?


  1. I really wish the rest of us would get a life sometimes. In Québec, you can be a Québec Libéral and thus a nationalist, or you can be associated with one or more of the other nationalist parties, from soft soveregintists to hard separatists. It's the way it is.

    In Federal elections in Québec, the question was "who speaks for me". That can be answered as "who would be the best MP" (and by and large the BQ MPs were far more concerned with their ridings than the Conservative or Liberal ones elected from Québec) or "which party speaks for us" (and again up until 2011 the answer to that in Québec was generally the BQ). All before you deal with whether or not you're voting as a social democrat, which again would have led you to the BQ.

    Thank goodness Jack! was able to make inroads by offering an alternative to the vast numbers of Quebeckers who wanted a social democrat platform.

    I don't hold her past choices against her; I think her union experience especially in Ottawa will serve her well; I don't see what the fuss is all about. I realise that putting the rest of those Canadians reading this blog who believe that together in a room will require no more than a table for four, but so be it. The hysterics are wrong, full stop.

  2. Well Bruce, I would argue that quite a lot of observers are very concerned about her "union experience". When the abnormally pro union assume any kind of power, that tends to work out poorly for tax payers. If you want to fight for monster contracts for the civil service, somebody has to pay for it.

  3. Good grief Bruce. Do you really think that your typical Canadian would buy into the white noise your attempting to peddle here?

  4. The former leader of the largest federal public employees union (170,000) in Canada was a separatist twice over, admits to having no disagreements with BQ policies and Bruce thinks it´s all too much hot air.

    That´s how we make a mess of things.

    Kind of like how Maggie Atwood is more concerned with Rob Ford ruining her Toronto rather than the blatant racism and police indifference experience in Dundas Square this past weekend. It happened to TO Sun reporter Dave Menzies and his nine year old son. Read it Bruce, and weep for your country.

    Yes Ms. Turmel is also part of the problem.

  5. "Does it matter"
    It doesn't matter if you are a member of the most militant public service union in Canada.
    It doesn't matter if you only care about Quebec getting it's entitlements.
    It doesn't matter if you don't care about the Leader of her Majesties Loyal Opposition being a Separatist.
    Quebec can vote for Jack's row of traffic cones
    if they want, the rest of us aren't impressed.
    Did Jack think we would be?
    His own MP's in the rest of Canada are once again are going "What"?
    Some mistake, some Leader?
    She is coming across as Dion in drag.

  6. "The CBC audience went 50% no and 49% yes."

    Same CBC viewers that voted Tommy "the Eugenist" Douglas" as their "Greatest Canadian".


  7. If one did not have a good impression of this gal before her leadership appointment, then NO, opinion has not changed.
    The question is, how many of those voting no really had no gread admiration before.

  8. What this appointment highlights is that for the most part there are no federalists or separatists in Quebec politics, only Quebecois.

    This is one last ditch effort by Layton to role all the progressive concepts together under his Termel appointment; ie culture wars, and the bane of the whole Western world, the parasitical government union leaders. Role them together and Jack assumed he’d have the perfect redistribution formula into infinity; just like ObamaCare.

    The NDP has made this Faustian deal with the Seperatists and the powerful Federal Union; let's see where that takes them in the ROC.


  9. Don't forget it was the Liberals who accepted the Bloc Quebecois as the Official Opposition back when Reform had only two seats less than the Bloc. This gave the Bloc added status, money and resources and they have never looked back.

    This choice of a leader is just another manifestation of the "go-along-to-get-along" philosophy that is killing Canada.

    I thought the reaction of the West to her appointment would be "oh, not another Quebec leader of a major political party". Now of course not only is she a Quebecer, but a separatist supporter. But if you are on the left, all is forgiven all the time by the the spineless in this country.

  10. This Ms.Turmoil is causing a great deal of Turmel for sure. Dat's a fak......