Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why We Need The BC Conservative Party

The BC Liberal Party led by Christy Clark is doomed. Their brand has suffered irreparable harm from which they may never be able to recover. If the Conservatives do not run a full slate of candidates in the next provincial election we risk returning to NDP government. The notion that we have to vote Liberal to keep the NDP out of power needs to be put to rest. The Liberals are f**ked and we'd better have an alternative ready to rock and roll. Should the BC Conservatives start accepting defections from the Liberals? Since they do not have any seats in the legislature, it would be pragmatic to welcome sitting MLAs.

After the horrific failure of the HST, Christy was on television saying that her new focus is jobs jobs jobs. Great, the only jobs Christy creates are lucrative government jobs, but sadly those are reserved for her friends and campaign boosters. Hindsight being 20/20, Christy Clark becoming Premier might have been the best thing to happen to the fledgling BC Conservatives. Please, let's keep Bill Vanderzalm away from the party. I really don't trust that man, but if he wants to start a petition to overthrow the carbon tax, that would be fantastic...


  1. The BC Liberals was basically the Gordon Campbell party, he was able to unite federal Liberals and Conservatives into one big tent party. Under Christy Clark the BC Liberals seem doomed, it appears Campbell's tent is falling down.

  2. Krusty Clark the clown is doing her best to pretend she's not a Federal Liberal, but no ones buying. I agree she's doomed. BCLiberals showed how shallow and superficially Liberal they are by electing Clark as their leader. British Columbians don't want crazy social engineering Liberal socialists pretending to be Conservative, and they don't want frighteningly Marxist dipshits like Dix either. Personally, i loathe the Trudeauvian style "Liberalism" that Krusty Clark and the BC Liberals represent and am tired of the intimidation and bullying that commands people to vote BC Liberal or risk the marxist NDP taking over. I will be voting BC Conservative.

  3. A great idea Iceman. The only problem I can see from my vantage point in Alberta is that there is only a handful of true conservatives, like yourself, in the whole province. (And we here in Alberta are a dwindling lot. The Progressive Conservatives ...socialists in conservative clothing...have regained a strong lead in the polls.)It will be a tough, uphill slog for you folks.