Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stephen Harper Attends Hockey Games

Stephen Harper may or may not attend the Winnipeg Jets home opener in over 6 weeks, and evidently this is headline news at the CBC (must be a slow month). "Call it a perk of holding the highest elected office in the land: if there's a big game in the life of his hockey-mad country, Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems able to snag a ticket, even when an event is sold out and his attendance is arranged on short notice." Today's poll question; does it bother you that the Prime Minister attends NHL hockey games? When the PM attended a Stanley Cup finals game in Boston, the opposition erupted in outrage despite Harper paying for his own ticket. It is quite common for politicians to attend sporting events, but rarely does it lead to media criticism. This is quickly becoming a new theme by which the left is attacking the PM.

Meanwhile at the Globe Jane Taber is accusing Stephen Harper of creating his own brand of populist nationalism which includes embracing the British Monarchy and being a hockey fan; and you can expect a lot stories like that from Jane over the next 4 years. To say that Stephen Harper should not be allowed to attend NHL hockey games would be absurd, just as it is to accuse him of having a sinister hidden agenda when he does attend.


  1. It doesn't bother me if a PM that is doing a good job of running the Country decides to take in a few perks like NHL hockey games. He can go to the bloody Super Bowl too,as long as he's performing his duties competently.

    And he can keep a big-titted 19 year old mistress across town if he wants,I don't care,AS LONG AS HE MANAGES THE FUCKING COUNTRY COMPETENTLY! Just so long as our PM is the Anti-Obama, he can live it up on our dime,I don't mind.

    He hasn't taken a planeload of his friends on a nine million dollar tour of the Scandinavian Countries,like Adrienne Clarkson, the UN-ELECTED GG!

    It used to bother me a lot more when members of the Chretien government were funneling millions into crooked construction contracts through Alfonso Gagliano.

    And if Jack layton or Michael ignatieff was PM, he could attend NHL hockey games too,as long as he did a good job as PM.

    It must be,as you said, a slow news day,when they have to try and create a scandal out of so little.

  2. Obama takes a 10 day vacation, spending 50,000/wk for accomadation, so if our PM can take a few hours off to go to a hockey game, more power to him. And I bet he paid for his own ticket.

  3. Commies don't play fair.

  4. Not only should the Prime Minister attend the hockey game, but he should insist that the portrait of the Queen that used to hang in the Winnipeg arena become a permanent fixture in the new one!

  5. What James said.

    I recall that PET (may his soul rot in hell) attended the Grey Cup most years, and made the first kickoff (He kicked like a girl, or is that no longer politically correct to point out?), the CBC never seemed to get their panties in a bunch over that.

  6. Nothing wrong with attending hockey. What is wrong is that the taxpayer pays for it with challenger jets and limos. If Harper goes on his own dime he can do what he wants with his free time.

  7. So Anon 9:58, you would like our Prime Minister to fly commercial and take taxi cabs to events?

  8. Rick Thomson --

    Of course the CBC didn't get their panties in a knot over PET attending the Grey Cup. He passed a law that the Grey Cup had to be broadcast on CBC because it was a Canadian cultural institution (or some such). Would you criticize a man that enacted legislation ensuring the largest single-day audience to your company every year?



  9. Stephen Harper used to criticize Chretien for not taking commercial . Funny how you guys now fight for things you were against when in opposition.

    Rick Thomson, there isno law that says the Grey Cup must be shown on the CBC. That is just silly. However, to play along with your nonsense you must be very disappointed in Harper that he is not repealed such law. I guess Harper agrees with Trudeau. You made me giggle. Thanks.

  10. The Grey Cup in on TSN. Owned by the LibDips favorite company Bell Canada.