Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battle Of Ontario Heating Up

According to Nanos, the Ontario Liberal's attack ads accusing Tim Hudak of treating Ontario voters like "dolts and chumps" have been effective (at least among women) and Team McGuinty has now closed the gap with the provincial Tories. It's funny because Liberals will so often cry foul and play the victim card when they are the targets of negative advertising, but have no problems when they are the ones doing the attacking. To add irony to insults, nothing Tim Hudak has ever done compares to the flagrant contempt Dalton showed for Ontario voters when in he repeatedly pledged in his first winning election campaign that "I will not raise your taxes". Dolton kept promising in TV commercials (aired hundreds of times) not to increase taxation while simultaneously pledging to increase spending by billions of dollars. What happened in his very first budget? Massive new taxation. If you ask me, that is truly treating voters like dolts and chumps.

With the data showing that women are driving the momentum towards McGuinty, one can only draw the conclusion that women like paying more in taxes. If you love new taxes, increases to old taxes, and just paying more to the taxman in general, then Dalton McGuinty is the best possible Premier you could have. All that being said, you have to question just how reliable political polling is in the month of August when many Canadians are on vacation, spend less time at home answering phone calls, and are generally disinterested in politics.


  1. If the people of Ontario let Dalton screw them a third time then maybe they truly are dolts and chumps. WAKE UP FOLKS please.

    Rob C

  2. Its quite simple for me.Mcguinty doesnt get a third mandate from me.Eight years is enough.Small business is getting hammered in taxation.I know i work for one.But hey keep listening to the public sector unions right since they hold the real power in this province.
    Its curious since private enterprise is more efficient than public enterprise.Just compare the transit systems in Ontario and then tell me which one is more efficient.


  3. The media plays a 'major' role in keeping Dalton safe and in power.

    What is Ontario's debt again? you should have it written down on this article or on your headline. Why I ask is that the media is keeping it(shock of the debt size)occured under Dalton very quiet from the public.

    I guess the media that are protecting Dalton must like Dalton's lg debt to Ontario..to not say a word.

  4. Some more gifted parodist could have some fun with the Liberal candidates' lament, to the tune of "Surry with the Fringe On Top":

    Dolts and chumps all stare at me flinty
    when I make the rounds with McGuinty,
    when I make the rounds with McGuinty as a Caaan-di-date!

    Smile at them, they won't smile at you back.
    They all say they're voting for Hudak.
    They all sat they're they're going to give Hudak a new mandidate...

    etc. ad naus. Feel free to run with it, anyone.