Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bob Rae Infomercials

Today's poll question; how do you see the new Conservative ads about Bob Rae? Are they necessary infomercials? Are they deplorable attack ads? Do you care? Have you even seen them? As a survivor of Bob Rae's Ontario, I see them as infomercials necessary to educate rest of the country about the consequences of Bobby taking power; others see them as cheap "dirty tricks". Why would the Conservatives even target Rae if he's only the "temporary leader? Because none of us believed him when he promised to step aside after 2 years, now he will not deny the possibility that he's running for the full time gig, proving us right. Being the acting leader gives him a decided advantage heading into the not so distant leadership campaign.

I'd rather Mulcair become Prime Minister than Rae, and I'm no fan of Tommy Boy. It does seem as though Tom is trying to tune down the angry man routine, but we will see if that lasts and if he can truly squeeze the Liberal Party in the center. Appointing Libby Davies to be your deputy hardly signals a move to the right.


  1. Unfortunately since the media will now focus entirely on Mulcair with smiling pictures, puff pieces, etc., those ads were wasted.

  2. I like that the Conservatives are planning for the whole election cycle. Even on the face of it, it is pretty clear that just waiting until an election is called before engaging the voters is too late.
    The left have instituted grievance groups that are constantly on the attack and the media is constantly on the attack.
    The enemy is both the NDP and the Liberals. Keep both of them off guard and on the defensive.

  3. attack ads hardly, they don't even mention the continual vicious attacks against white males and their nasty policy of "employment equity"

  4. The NDP ad is coming this week...bet the media won't call it an "attack" ad. It even has actors to play the lame NDPQ. The ad was made BEFORE Mulcair was even elected RE: vote suppression got him in and they knew he would be the leader.
    CBC has even dumped Bob Rae...they know he's toast and have latched onto the made in France Quebecor.Then again, he's a Liberal anyways.
    The opposition have free attack ads daily from the corrupt lying media.

  5. One legitimate defense for attack ads is the free ride given to Liberals and NDP. Yesterday there was an article in the Hill Times that was essentially a collection of NDP talking points about Harper. What is the difference between an attack narrative pushed by the media and an attack ad? At least the Conservative ad re Rae included factual information. Other media are also aggressive about attacking Conservatives. If the press is not willing to provide balanced coverage of parties and issues, then ads are the only way to remind people that there are different perspectives that they should know about.