Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robogate Absurdity Continues

Guy Giorno really said it best tonight when he Tweeted to Stephen Wicary and Susan Delacourt "You assume we have records of things we didn't do. Elections Canada can take what it wants but CPC can't volunteer what it never had." This coming on the heals of the Liberals handing over phone records earlier this afternoon, which does seem an appropriate gesture considering they have already confessed to breaking electoral law regarding partisan phone calls during the writ. It would be interesting to know how much paper was shredded today in the office where these records were produced. The sooner EC completes its investigation, the sooner we can get to the bottom of these Liberal dirty tricks. I want to know if Frank Valeriote stole the election in Guelph.

The Conservatives have already voted unanimously with the opposition to increase Elections Canada's investigatory powers, and are not withholding any information from them. As of yet, the only party proven to have engaged in illegal activity in Guelph are the Liberals, despite what fake confessions you might have seen on Youtube today. So many people wanted so badly for Pierre Poutine to be a Conservative office worker that they jumped all over the fake clip before finding out its lack of authenticity. Even a Blogging Tory wrote a premature post "Pierre Poutine is Michael Sona". Come on people, this is getting ridiculous.


  1. I am very annoyed that Pierre has not been unmasked yet.

    Can anyone confirm or deny the following things (pointing to a Conservative):
    - Did Michael Sona ever say that he knew who the guilty person was? I have seen some media/Liberal sources saying that, but I cannot find any place where he said that.
    - What's up with Michael Sona's mother saying "it's been a setup from the start"? Maybe just referring to Peter Mackay etc. pinning it on him, which on the face of it, does seem deplorable.
    - CTV quoted on Monday night that "senior Conservative sources said they now know who it is", but then the CTV piece got confusing.
    - Is there any evidence that non-Conservative supporters were targeted (versus a random sample, or a random sample of older voters)?

    Points suggesting Pierre is not Conservative:
    - Of all the riding in the country, Guelph is the one riding where illegal robocalls have been established, and they were by the Liberals.
    - Guelph is the one riding where an illegal polling station was set up (or at least improper and in future would be illegal). This was done (as far as I know) by an Elections Canada official together with Liberal supporters. (Both Libs and Elections Canada would have voter lists? Including age profiles?)
    - This pattern points to Guelph non-Conservative activists.
    - Also, if intended to help the Conservatives get elected, the scheme was a pathetic idea that could not possibly work.
    - Yet if intended to be produced now (or perhaps immediately after the count if the Libs had not won) to smear the Conservatives, it is very clever and has so far worked brilliantly.

    So I keep an open mind. But I hope it is over soon.

    1. That's an excellent comment Anonymous.

  2. Does Delacourt really think the Liberals would hand over robocall records to EC that included links to fraud? Remind her that when Adscam started to be layed open Liberal document shredders started working overtime.

    That's the reason that to this day $40 million cannot be accounted for. No paper trail. No signed contracts. No record of payments for that $40 million. Zippo!

    To put it in a better perspective, the Gomery Inquiry used the same auditing company that investigated Enron, one of the biggest frauds in history. The fact they could trace the Enron money trail and not the missig sponsorship dollars speaks volumes of what went on when the scam was detected.

    Delacourt can wear her red shoes for the rest of her time on her. Won't change the fact the Liberals are the dirtiest party involving scams and dirty tricks.

  3. I read that exchange last night and then came Delacourt's final tweet..

    Summary of conversation - EC has to *ask* for information.

    Huh...that isn't what he said. Sheesh. Talk about making the story what you want it to be.

    Or is she pushing for another raid on the CPC offices.

    1. Even if that is the gist of that conversation between Guy and the pack what's the problem here? He's saying whatever EC wants it gets. Please oh please explain to this layman why this is a controversial concept!

  4. The Iceman acknowledges that the Liberals admit that they broke the law when they didn't identify the pro-choice themed robocall as coming from them. Unless he is saying that voters who were influenced to vote for a pro-choice candidate wouldn't have done so had they known the robocall originated with the Liberals, I don't understand why he's afraid the Guelph election may have been stolen.

    It's a different case entirely as far as I can see.

    1. But if they were doing this so nonchalantly, what else were they doing to increase their votes? How is that this ridings Liberal vote went up so dramatically when the opposite happened elsewhere? How likely is it that the Robo-Faux hoax is centered on this very same riding?
      There is to much smoke here for there not to be a fire here and all indications are that the arsonists are Liberals.

    2. Potential Conservative voters who are pro-choice and were not aware of the caller's identity may have been scared off of voting. That would be akin to voter suppression, would it not?

    3. "It's a different case entirely as far as I can see"

      Cognitive dissonance at it's best. It's only different because of who the perpetrator is. Alleged of course, because only the Liberals have admitted to anything illegal and the Conservatives are only being convicted by the media right now.

  5. That Guelph ballot box that EC said was illegal, but allowed it to stand has my radar up. How many votes for Valeriote came out of it? Was there any ballot box stuffing?Remember Liberal Ann McCallum finding a last minute ballot box to win by a nose in her riding?
    On the Liberal Robocalls, why did they feel a need to use a fake person and a phone number that didn't exist? If they can hide all this , what else did the party hide? The Liberals are the one's lying and playing dirty nasty tricks. What were the NDP up to during this election in Guelph? They did a good job of robocalling in Quebec when the NDP member crossed over to the Liberal party. Why isn't Angus upset about the actions in Guelph by Frank Valeriote? Because the NDP and Liberals and Green are all in cahoots.

  6. Hey, it could be worse. A lot worse actually.
    Just imagine if we were as daft as the Americans and fell for the media lies and distortions and now had a totally useless Prime Minister named Count Iffy leading a far-left coalition government that was intent on doing as much damage to Canada’s economy as that imbecile Obama is doing south of here.
    Robo-Faux or not, we are in a sweet spot compared to so many other places.

  7. MikeAdamson: I don't think any election was stolen. However I know beyond a reasonable doubt that Elections Canada rules were broken by the Liberals. The rules were also pretty badly bent by Elections Canada when they allowed the 'mob vote' to occur. Personally I would like to have a by-election in Guelph just to clean things up.

  8. William in Ajax says...
    Ec is infested with lifetime card-carrying Liberals.
    I doubt this investigation will produce a different result than the last one.

    The Liberal MsM is cirlcling the wagons, as more and more actual evidence comes to light implicating Liberals instead of conservatives.

    This fake scandal is blowing-up in their faces and they know it!!

  9. @Anon 7:38
    I think that if a voter was concerned enough about abortion that he/she would include the robocall message in the calculation then it is likely that the voter was aware of the CPC attitude towards the issue. It's not impossible but it's pretty unlikely IMO.

  10. Tp prove my comment at 4:18am.

    "Speaking to reporters later, Mr. Rae acknowledged the bounty of materials provided to Elections Canada did not include information on a Liberal robo-call in Guelph that attacked Conservative candidate Marty Burke for his stand on abortion.

    “That was a local call that doesn’t have much to do with the national campaign,” Mr. Rae said."

  11. If it was a liebral or dipper..."Well their hearts led them to do this, they have such strength of conviction, they meant well" A Conservative "Hang them all"

  12. I understand that the Libs have not turned over the illegal robo call stuff as "they have already cleared that up with EC" Cheers. SOR

  13. What Delacourt and most of the media apparently is missing, is that the best evidence doesn't come from the suspect themselves, but from THIRD PARTIES.

    Who cares what phone records the Liberals hand over, what's more important is the phone records that Bell/Verizon/Virgin/whoever hand over to Elections Canada. The lion's share of the investigation can be done without a shred of documents (pun intended) from the suspect parties.

  14. This is interesting... Dipper knows something we don't?

    @davidakin: in #HOC, @CharlieAngusMP takes up Michael Sona's case, defending him against "Conservative hatchet job" #robocon

  15. Stephen Maher ends up with egg all over his face on his "investigative " work on robocalls, and his promised revelations and now that all is gone into the dumpster, he is blaming anonymous Conservatives and the Sun News Network. Maher never ever believed anything that anonymous Conservatives and Sun News Network ever said in the past, so why would he fly with this so called "fingering" (if we can believe that) - is it because it served his mischievous and partisan purposes but in his negligence he forgot to do a fundamental tenet of responsible reporting and that is investigate facts of the story.
    Ezra Levant holds Maher responsible for his actions and his responsibility for accurate and honest reporting in this video, and also exposes the dark and partisan side of Maher, where he tweeted the words "they can kiss my a_ _" to the Manning Institute. Although Maher later removed this tweet Canadians have the right and must be informed of Maher's bias, questionable tactics, and reporting. Canadians should expect that other members of the media would want the truth and whole story to be told and the media demand for full disclosure and openness, should apply to one of their own, as well as to members of parliament. In this video we learn, to our dismay, how open Maher is and how he is not prepared to give full disclosure to Canadians on his own investigative reporting and tactics, so his readers can judge Maher's integrity, professionalism, and credibility.