Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who Needs A Public Inquiry When We Have Pat Martin?

What does it say about an alleged controversy when the official opposition has a vile piece of work like Pat Martin become the defacto spokesperson for the issue? The opps lose credibility, and yet seem perfectly happy to let him grab the Robogate football and run with it. Who needs a Judicial Inquiry when we have Pat's Twitter account? He's already got the whole thing figured out, and if you don't know, just ask him. Below is a selection of his Tweets from the last few days (in chronological order with most recent on top). You'll be happy to know that he's moved beyond his extended conversation about the Hamburgler and Mayor McCheese stealing an election....

@bigpicguy that is likely but as yet it has not been proven they have violated the act

@Monctonsnowman yes but we're not talking about contracts between RMG and the CPC. We want the ones between RMG and the Cons Government

@Monctonsnowman Nope. Because EC's mandate is described in the Elections Act and Govt contracts with a private company not in scope of act

@Monctonsnowman Yes RMG would have to comply with court order. Just not sure EC could get a court order for matters not related to election.

@Monctonsnowman EC doesn't comment on investigations at all. And I think investigating Govt contracts with RGM would be outside their jurisd

@Nicki_Doyle I know. Sometimes I almost hope we're wrong because the prospect of being right is almost too sad. Like the end of innocence.

@Nicki_Doyle No kidding, when Deano starts with, "let me be clear" you know you're going to get a whole load of bullshit.

@Nicki_Doyle yeah but in agitate, educate, organize; we're still at the 'agitate' stage. This is only starting to resonate and penetrate

@tylercranston I don't really like people very much which is limiting if you aspired to be national leader. #IHateAllTheCandidates

@Nicki_Doyle I know. I did put three written questions on the order paper but govt has 45 days to respond. Not many other options...

Why won't the Cons tell us what contracts the Govt has given RMG? Asked three times and nothing. This is public record and yet they refuse.

@EmmMacfarlane @acoyne Robocalls are the concussion of the nation.

Have Rush eat Ann Coulter. Then, drop Ann Coulter on Kony.

I love how the conservatives applaud when they vote for Time Allocation...sheer perversity

@thepresentMO They won't tell us what the RackNine govt check was for, or how many other govt contracts he has received.

@thepresentMO RMG checks were not from Govt. They were paid by CPC as election expenses. Question is what other Govt business did they get

@thepresentMO $15,000. The same amount as in 48 other ridings... Total of 94 ridings hired them for other amounts.

Yeah but if you're going to kick Sleepy off the Vet's Committee what about Dopey and Grumpy and Sneezy? Seems discriminatory...

@stphnmaher Nah. Pierre Poutine's just a patsy, the master mind is the Hamburgler.


  1. "@Nicki_Doyle yeah but in agitate, educate, organize; we're still at the 'agitate' stage. This is only starting to resonate and penetrate"

    so this is an organized campaign to take back the gov't?

    Amazing what you find out on's like a look inside their minds.

  2. Maybe we don't want to look inside their polluted minds, don't want it affecting ours sheez

    talk about sleaze bags

  3. Sounds a bit like the judge, jury and executioner doesn't he?
    Line em' up, bring on the firing squad comes to mind as well.

    There are times that we see an individual that has let the idea of their position go to their head and this would be one very strong example of that, bar none.

  4. "Agitate, educate, organize" "Just starting to resonate and penetrate" How trite.
    I see as Fabricate, whatever-Gate, Mentally Fornicate.
    As for "resonate and penetrate"? well somebody has a fantasy.
    Coalition Minds are very weird places.
    What have we got to fight this aberration?
    Try this, it our road map.
    As us old Boilermakers love to say "Damn Straight"
    Cheers Bubba

  5. Pat Martin is among the brightest of the NDP. It is a shame he didn't run for leader.

  6. Pat ("F U" ) Martin is an angry, stupid man stuck in the "agitate" stage. Commie agitater's and their foreign interests trying their best to destroy our democracy... Thanks for the update commies.

  7. I love Potty Mouth Pat. The more he spews, the more the Canadian public sees exactly what the NDP is all about.