Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BC Liberal Titanic Slowly Sinking

British Columbia's Liberal Premier Christy Clark has lost her first MLA to the BC Conservatives, as John Van Dongen has defected for "personal reasons" (the reason being profound disagreement with Clark's leadership). The Titanic is slowly sinking, and Tories have begun jumping on the lifeboats. He won't be the last to defect. Even with Stockwell Day and Preston Manning playing the role of the band playing happy music on the Titanic to avoid panic, the gig is up. Christy Clark can't win and her party is mortally wounded. The BC Liberals chose a left winger to replace Gordon Campbell, and she's losing ground on both the right and left flanks. The BC NDP is polling in majority territory, so the Liberal leftist can't even win the left and she is alienating the right.

The writing is on the wall, and it is time for BC Conservatives to explore their options. When she became Premier, she promised a quick election to get a mandate from the people. When the polls started showing people turning on her and her party, she postponed that election as long as possible. I said this was a disaster during her leadership campaign, she won anyway with the support of internet voting from fans of her radio show, and now is proving me right. She's an Allison Redford clone, both elected in questionable leadership races (not by the people) who are falling flat in the public's eyes. The biggest difference is that Danielle Smith has a far stronger base than John Cummins, but both are a far better option for provincial Tories than the one in power.


  1. John Cummins and his CPBC are brilliant at maintaining obscurity. They must have modelled the Party after the Bletchley Park guys in WW2.

    There ARE rumors,but so far no evidence of their existence.

    There have been numerous opportunities for Cummins to take advantage of the many faux pas of CC and the Liberals,but he has remained the gentleman and hardly said a word. Assuming,of course,he IS still living. Forgive me if I'm speaking ill of the deceased.

    Barring a miracle,which don't occur in politics or hockey, the NDP will form the next BC government.

    I envy Albertans the alternatives they can choose from. We BC'ers have socialists, communists,and an invisible Party to vote for.

    I have great faith in the short memories of BC'ers, so shortly expect to be living again in Dipperland.

    1. What is it going to take for the old Socreds to turn on the BC Liberals? Until Vander Zalm tanked the Social Credit Party, they had won 11 of 12 elections, then suddenly ceased to exist.

    2. You might not have noticed but it's pretty damn hard to make the news in BC unless you are the BC Liberals. The dippers under James made the news maybe once a month and under Dix it's not much better and that's only because the BC Liberals started having QP again.

  2. IceMan Smith has Calgary, that's it. I find it funny you have left the prostitution issue alone, especially when Danielle Smith has written that she is not against it. It would seem she has more leftist views then Redford. This can be seen through her writings over the years. Face it Smith is just a puppet for the Oil people in Calgary that want to regain control of the purse stings of the province of Alberta.
    I thought Conservative's were for law and order and they should be against prostitution and not for it, and your clearly backing someone that is for prostitution.

    1. Sorry Archie, I'm a Libertarian, not a Conservative. I support legalized prostitution, hence why I've "left it alone". I didn't even know Smith's opinion on this issue. That had not factored into my opinion of her, nor does your comment change how I feel.

      It says in the header that I'm a Libertarian who votes Conservative. I also support the legalization of marijuana and am pro choice. I've never denied this.

  3. Archie,

    Danielle Smith has also always been very clear that she's a libertarian. Definitely not leftist.

    1. I wouldn't say that, but I would agree to disagree. But I could say one thing for a fact, she is a hypocrite, today she whined about a Conservative Robocall, when for a fact her party has been using them for the last couple of months. She even stooped down to use her dad in the story. I thought it odd when I received the first Robocall, and I have received 3 from the Wild Rose party, a political party would be using Robocalls, especially now. These Robocalls have really hit it off with the seniors and they tell some good Wild Rose jokes. Maybe things are different in Calgary, but in the rest of the province people are asking what has Smith done to deserve our vote, and the answer is nothing. They look at the fact that the only public office she held, she was fired, because she couldn't work with other people. Knowing this how do you expect us to believe that she could run a province.

    2. The entire school board that Smith was part of was fired because they would not blindly follow the PCs lead.

      Rob C

  4. I wonder if Christy is going to show a little more ankle as the polls go down.

  5. The HST should have been introduced at 10% right off the hop, but the Liberals, not unlike the NDP, just could not resist a huge tax grab.

    The NDP brought us ICBC, Bingogate, (Not so) Fast Ferries, Casinogate, etc.

    The Liberals brought us the Carbon Tax, Pacific Carbon Trust, privatized? BC Ferries, sold BC Rail, BC Railgate, etc.

    Vander Zalm brought us the property transfer tax and the death of the Socreds.

    Will Christy Clark be the Liberals Rita Johnstone?

    Adrian Dix uttered a forged document and had to resign from the Glen Clark NDP government.

    The Liberals and the NDP can not be trusted.

    BC deserves better.

    Vote for the BC Conservatives in the next provincial election.

  6. Christy Clark is a crook.
    The mainstream BC media is compliant, maybe even complicit in the illegal dealings of Christy Clark regarding the corrupt sale of BC Rail. They (Global, CBC, CKNW, et al) REFUSE to cover the issues that everyone knows about.
    Thank god for alexgtsakumis.com