Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who Will Be The Next NDP Leader?

With the debates over and the NDP leadership campaign heading into it's final weekend, who do you expect to win? Will it be Mulcair, or will Topp land on top? By the way, prepare yourself for the silly puns if Topp is crowned the next leader. Will Broadbent's last minute attempt to swing momentum from Mulcair to his boy Topp have any significant impact, or did he unwittingly help Mulcair? Will the media be asking questions about Mulcair's hidden agenda, which Ed Broadbent alleges he has? Will Kady O'Malley ask Tom is he believes Osama Bin Laden is dead? These are questions we'll know the answer to on Monday.

At the beginning of the campaign some speculated that the Tories were the most afraid of Paul Dewar winning the leadership, which I'm not so sure about. There is not a single candidate on this list who will even be half as effective in that job as Layton. It's all downhill no matter who they choose. There will likely be a temporary bounce for replacing Turmel, but come the next election, we are looking at a likely fall in seat count (with the severity depending on the performance of the new leader). Nobody has any idea how Topp will perform in the House of Commons, where we at least know Mulcair can yell and scream across the aisle.

For 2013, I call dibs on the headline "Orange Crushed"...


  1. Will the next NDP leader need to keep with the layton tradition...Velvet Touch "clinic"? PM Harper isn't afraid of ANY of those brain dead dummies.The only one's afraid of the NDP are Canadians and their wallets.YIKES.

    I see the CBC have given up on the liberal party and are sucking up to the clueless NDP.

  2. If mulcair wins,then Topp is off in the sunset.If Topp wins,then Mulcair won't stay in the party(how come I'm the only one that ever mentions this?)If either one wins,then there's going to be problems(I hope)so I believe that Cullen or Nash will be the winner.

  3. I think the whole leadership campaign has been a waste of money for most of the candidates. Why does it take months to elect a leader of a party and only 35 days to elect a government.
    I find it hard to believe ndp members from the rest of Canad will vote mulcair just cause a lot of quebec voters voted for jack, not the ndp.
    They will be gone next election unless they get everything they want via blackmail. We need a referendum, should quebec separate, bet the results would shock those separtist members.

  4. It is important that the winner have a high profile in Quebec where, for the time being, the NDP holds the most seats. Mulcair was the NDP's ground breaker in Quebec where he is also recognizable as a former provincial Liberal MNA.

    If Mulcair does win, that would set up an interesting dynamic with Broadbent, who repudiated Mulcair and threw his support behind Topp. Broadbent is said to be the NDP's conscience and elder. Where would that situate Broadbent within the party after a win by a would-be centrist? A troublemaker? LOL

  5. They might as well elect Mulcair,as he's well known in Quebec. After the next election, I have the feeling the NDP is going to hold sway in Quebec only,as the West rejects their socialist/environmental crap.

    The NDP are about to become just another regional Party,as they always really were,their "region" was just a bit scattered.