Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bob Rae Is Cool With Robocalls

Saturday Liberal leader Bob Rae was on the Roy Green Show to make it perfectly clear that there is nothing wrong with Robocalls. He's all in favour it, and defended the illegal robocalls made by the Liberal campaign in Guelph (where the caller pretended to be a regular concerned citizen, not a paid representative of the Liberal Party). Bob also backed off accusing the Conservative Party of wrongdoing; he simply wants what everyone on both sides wants, to find out who misdirected voters to incorrect voting locations. Anyone planning to show up to a Robogate protest with a sign "Democracy, not Robocracy", know that the Liberals are cool with Robocracy (even if the calls violate election law), so long as it is issue based.

To be fair, Roy Green did not handle the interview particularly well. He kept quoting Dean Del Mastro and then when Bob tried to debate the points, Roy kept say "I'm just telling you what he said" instead of engaging him in a conversation. I suppose Roy was trying to get Rae to respond to what Del Mastro had said earlier on the program, and Bob kept answering questions with questions; except to say that he was entirely in favour of robocalling during a campaign. So if anyone out there is upset that they received a robocall in the last election, the opposition parties are not proposing making robocalls illegal. They are only outraged about specific robocalls of which no evidence currently exists is connected to the Conservative Party. Bob might have been premature calling this a "Nixonian moment" for Stephen Harper. The "if anybody did it, it's these guys" argument alone is not adequate ground for a conviction in a court of law.

The Liberals have said that Elections Canada is aware of their illegal calls. I'm interested to know if there was a fine or penalty issued? Did they raid the Liberal campaign office?


  1. So then a robocall that is "issue based" on election day; would be like what? Standing outside a polling station with party literature? I can see why Bob would like that idea.

    I think we should ban robocalling for election purposes. It's showing itself to be too susceptible to misuse, error and subversion. I don't want to go through every election with the losing parties making allegations of fraud and continuous attempts to overturn the election.

    Voters deserve better.

  2. The Conservatives are as guilty as sin. I know this for a fact because Craig Oliver said so last night on the CTV National News. He wouldn't say something on the national news that wasn't true, would he??

    1. The 2 guests on the Mark Sutcliffe program today on CPAC were Louise Elliot,(CBC Parliamentary reporter)and Andrew Cohen(Carleton University School of Journalism)and weren't they some bias towards the CPC,Elliot more so than Cohen.She never had one good thing to say about the CPC,especially PM Harper.Out of the approx.5-6 calls Mark took on the Robocall subject,most of them were in the CPC favor.Cohen was talking intelligently most of the time,but Elliot was so bias that I was disgusted.I was hoping that Mark would have Ian Lee on the program.I haven't seen him on any programs lately.The left CBC,CTV. probably didn't like it, as he speaks the truth and is not bias.

  3. Strange that Frankies team were at the fake polling stations to re-direct voters to the proper polls blaming the CONSERVATVES for this. Then he said the voters tore up their voters cards in disgust. Yeah right...Staged by the guilty robocalling Liberal campaign. Hope EC investigates the Liberal and NDP calling centre's.The broke Liberals are fundraising on robocalls. Ha
    Ontario Girl

  4. Nothing wrong with robocalls but calls, whether human or robo, that interfere with the right to vote are definitely wrong. The Liberals have admitted that their calls in Guelph were illegal and it will be hard for EC to let that slide given the current circumstances.

  5. This is not a robocall issue. This is about a control freak PM who was desperate to gain a majority by any means necessary. That is if its overspending on election in/out affair, nice Fantino account payouts so that it is not traceable, not reporting payments made to Racknine & Associates. If these guys are clean why do they not come out with a public inquiry, instead of playing politics and misinforming the public. They think this will just clear out over time, but the fact remains Harper is pissing more people off each breath he takes.

    1. ROTFLMAO!!!! You guys don't give up do you?

      "but the fact remains Harper is pissing more people off each breath he takes"

      No, just lefties. You might want to rephrase that next time it could be construed as a veiled threat.

    2. "nice Fantino account payouts so that it is not traceable, not reporting payments made to Racknine & Associates"

      Good thing you posted as anonymous because that is borderline libelous.

  6. Anon, so it is suddenlynot about robocalls anymore. Convenient.

    One more Liberal chasing wafer down the tubes. :D

  7. really need to stop watching so much CBC - they are brainwashing you with their hate for the CPC.

  8. How many "scandals" have the Liberals uncovered since Harper took over the Pm's office,a dozen,or even more?

    One would think that the liberals might get the message that the constant shouting ,"the sky is falling" doesn't work after a while,and that point was reached long ago. But it just goes on and on,the Liberals don't seem to be able to Oppose any other way.

    Reading the Liberal mind is like reading the National Enquirer at the grocery checkout,all sensationalism,all the time, with almost NO truth to it.

    People have tuned you out,Mr.Rae & company,better get used to being in third place.

    btw, Craig Oliver was a CLOSE friend of Pierre Trudeau, how close,one can only speculate,but anything he says has to be seen in that light.

    Oliver is the most biased Reporter in the MSM,and nothing he says should be taken as more than the bitter ravings of a man whose Party has fallen from grace in spite of all the rampant boosterism provided by him and his cronies all these years.

  9. Bob Rae or the NDP should be outraged at the recent mass-murdering of 4-BROWN muslim females via Shariah Law on our soil.
    When Gamil Gharabi went Jihad and murdered 14 female students in 1989, we had the start of the FemiNazi's movement to demonize all males for the action on a muslim nutbar bent on martyrdome to be will allah in paradise because canada was evil and let females get educated in schools.

    It makes me sick that even Libby Davies has tossed her sisters under the bus as Libby took to the street with her bullhorn and cares more about the alleged "Faux-bobcall" scandal that was fabricated and is more a liken to the " Wag The Dog" movie to toss out a lie and let the useful-idiots and CBC run with it.

    Naomi Klein and Susan G Cole have enabled and emboldened the islamic-supremacy thugs in canada to do more Shariah-murders because they both have packaged this islamic based murder as "Domestic-Violence" to further their anti-male agenda for the Governemnt grants to keep their income as a ward of the State.
    Shame on Klein whom freely uses canada to bash israel as her hamas buddies murder gays in public by a painfull death to carve off their faces with a razor blade.

    I wonder if the Shafia murders would have outraged Libby and Naomi if they were white-francophone/canadian-born females killed by those evil white-males that are all potential killers from birth.

  10. When the actions of the Opposition are broken down, as has been done by earlier postings, it's frigging Treason. These people are working against Canada, not for Canada. For themselves and for their ideology rather than for the good of the country, which by the way is the pretext for them receiving the grants that they get. Sickening it is!!