Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elections Canada "Launching" Investigation?

Elections Canada announced yesterday that they are launching an investigation into Robogate. Here I had been under the impression that they were already investigating this, since there were several complaints about misleading phone calls on the day of the last election. What the hell have they been doing for the last 10 months? We knew on Election Day that this was happening. It's not like the story has come out of nowhere. Sure enough, the day after EC announces this new investigation, a few hundred protesters took to the streets demanding a new election. Jurisprudence be damned, they want a mulligan and they want it now! What's the point of even having an investigation? We should just rush to judgement, let loose a barrage of baseless accusations, and give Mike Ignatieff another shot at the Prime Minister's Office. The PMO was stolen from Iggy.

Look, 10,000 robocalls costs you less than $200 (according to Pat "Columbo" Martin, who knows all the price points for ordering this service). The anonymously infamous Pierre Poutine who ordered many of these calls is more likely to be an anarchist trying to disrupt democracy than an agent of the Conservative Party. All the people who are saying that this will damage the CPC regardless of the outcome, are the same people who said proroguing Parliament for a month to host the Olympics would cost the Tories dearly in the next election. Bob Rae (a multi-proroguing offender as Ontario Premier in a recession) marched in the streets Dammit! We won a majority. Oh that's right, I'm sorry, allegedly stole a majority. The Conservatives remain guilty until proven innocent (what else is new), so we on the right may as well just hold tight until this new investigation is complete.

I'm curious what percentage of complaints in the months following the election were due to mistakes by Elections Canada large temporary workforce. There are thousands of them, hired in a short period time, some less reliable than others, and they are fallible. By the way, if we instruct everyone who received an undesirable robocall to report it to Elections Canada, the complaints would number in the millions, because all the major parties use robocalls in some capacity. Recently the NDP even flooded a Quebec riding with robocalls about a non existent byelection.


  1. I saw a graph in the sun plotting the number of complaints over elections and they sky rocket right after the conservatives took office. Strange eh? They have been rising exponentially each election since then. The CPC was around for other elections but the complaints only go vertical after 2006. Take a look. Your the stats major. I'm sure there is a word for what is wrong with the complaint numbers.

  2. I'm sure some of the same people complaint twice

  3. Are elections still trying to collect from the failed Liberal leadership candidates?

  4. Are elections still trying to collect from the failed Liberal leadership candidates?

  5. Who investigates elections Canada and is CBC's X EC Kingsley getting paid by taxpayers money by CBC to agree with them.Maybe someone from EC can make some sort of statement about the lies on CBC and in the dispicable media reports. Just leave it out there forever to fester. Typical EC. When they come out with their report(WHENEVER) will they have given CBC a heads up in advance so they will have their smear talking points ready to hoast upon the public non stop backed up by their bought and paid for media reporters.

  6. It is tax time and there is a question on that T1, do you agree to have your info sent to EC. That is one way you get on the voters list, but they use the address you have on that return. Funny, when people mover, for whatever reason, they seem to forget to inform EC or the Tax Dept, so all info is sent to the wrong address. Many young kids in college, or out working give their home address, so all T4s etc can be sent to one place, as kids move around. So, their voting card goes to their home address. So, if they go to vote in an election they have to provide proof of residence and identification. If they get sworn in at one poll, that is where they are registered to vote next time. OOPS, they have moved again. Or there are people who vote in one riding and go to the wrong poll cause that is where they went the last time, but you can't do that. I have had to send rural people back to their rural poll when they tried to vote in town. Lots of reasons to be on the wrong list, and no vote suppression involved. Good fairy tale for the coalition/media. Do they really expect a new election.

  7. I like how Kingsley admitted that people vote twice yada yada yada, but this is serious. Voting twice is illegal too. Was anyone charged?

  8. My theory is that the wrong info was the result of having the wrong info on the call list. Many party supporters troll opposition web sites and register under false names and addresses. That list of names will be what the auto-callers use, warts and all. During the GOTV drive, these same trolls will be getting calls, and if they gave an out of riding address, then the message will obviously direct them to the wrong polling address. Its also entirely possible that if somebody did an audit on the list and saw an address that was outside of the riding, they could get a notification that their pol had changed.
    But the 30000+ "complaints" appear to be more of a pile on.
    I don't doubt that someone was jerking people around, I don't buy that it was an organized effort.

  9. Surely the Conservtives have the list that EC gave them. This should be a simple matter, however this has gone too far. Any exoneration now by EC will look like Stephen Harper put the screws to them. Unless Pierre Poutine is caught and he can be absolutely traced to some other party or group, I have a sick feeling there is going to be some pointing fingers to CPC on this one.

    My question is why are EC not investigating the rent a mobs and how they "suppressed voters" with their union/soros backed websites/FB sites

  10. I have to ask again. Who accepts direction on where to vote by someone that calls you on the phone?! If they do then they shouldn't be allowed to vote. You can't fix stupid. Can I have their numbers. I have a few bridges to sell! ;-/

  11. I always thought these Robocalls were just a good campaign strategy.

  12. It seems that the deeper one looks; the more human error can be attributed to most "legimitmate" compalints. Seems to me that this would make an interesting essay since people are so uninformed about what can actually go wrong without anything sinister as the cause. Add robocalling using some bad datasets and you get what? A hockey stick graph? LOL. The sky is indeed falling. Normal people think that elections run like clockwork; until a politician like Pat Martin comes forward and connects the dots for them in all the wrong ways. Enter Occupy's mix of anarchists, union, and activists nitwits and you get a small number of people hijacking every conversation. Narcisisstic Personality Disorder run rampant. It's all nonsense of course but your average person thinks the CBC doesn't stretch the truth. I've had to correct my own dad on the 31,000 calls.

    But there is Guelph and that seems pretty tightly under wraps and I wonder why. I do think there is something to the third party theory. Pierre Poutine seems a rather spiteful character. I'm wondering about Michael Sona's run-in with the organizers of the "unconventional" polling station. Was there anyone working on a conservative campaign who was ejected for questionable or unethical behavior in the run-up to election day?

    I can't imagine that this is some NDP plot hatched before elections; but they are making it up as they go along now; seeing an opportunity for bi-elections (if you can just "jog" enough memories) and from there a visit to the GG with Bob Rae. But if I were Bob Rae; I'd keep my distance and be wary of being the NDP's front man. I'm thinking that Pierre Poutine could blow up in the new NDP leaders face and they will throw good ol' Bob under the bus as fast as you please.

    As for the media, I have already registered my displeasure with CBC/CTV for their dishonesty by turning them off and I would hope that anyone who feels the way I do; does the same. I would also hope that more people from blogging tories would at least educate the public about the "human error" factor and the false logic of lefty activists on the forums of NP and the Sun. I can't be bothered with the Star or the Globe.

  13. So far no one has been able to give me proof that this was a CPC organized issue. Maybe something did happen, but where is the proof it was the CPC any more than it was the Libs, the NDP, the Avaaz crowd or the flippin Rhino party or a bunch of students at U of G that hatched a plan to get back at those evil Tories for daring to interrupt their illegally set up polling station.

    If anyone could produce one shred of evidence pointing to CPC more than anyone else, please do so.

    I have been hearing rumblings of a a sort of Canadian spring...I think this is the start of it. The worst part is the complicity of our so called "professional" media in this. They have been negligent in their printing/reporting of half truths, innuendo and suggestion based on the very fact that "this seems to be a pattern with this government".

    so please, if anyone has one shred of evidence that in any way shows this may have been CPC, please post it. And the "pattern" doesn't count.

    1. I have been hearing rumblings of a a sort of Canadian spring...I think this is the start of it.

      You know that's exactly what I've been thinking. A Canadian spring to overthrow a government.

  14. My impression of the Occupy bunch is that they were taking a winter break. I always expected them to come back in one form or another. I think it's important to get information out to the public about "human error", the fallacy of the 31,000 calls and attempts by activits groups to jig the numbers. I'm not so sure that Canadians in general will have much stomach for a second round of occupiers after their last experience; especially if the "premise" for Canadian Spring (how I loathe that stupidity) can be shown to be false logic before the occupy crowd appears in other cities not blessed with Vancouver's weather. The average citizen may well be less tolerant of having their boundaries and freedoms violated a second time.

  15. I for one hope this is a "Canadian spring" because it will fail miserably. Jack Layton is in the blow job parlour in the sky and Bob Rae is in charge of the Liberals. If we have a general election right now it will be a blow out for the CPC. I don't think the libdippers could even win a by election right now.

  16. Even Glen McGregor who broke the story was backing down on QP today. He mentioned the 31,000 contacks being mostly from Lead and Avaaz. Then Dan gardner from Ottawa Citizen even said he thinks this will go away and Globe & Mail Gloria Gallaway thinks it will also. Owliver looks grey faced and a bit un-happy today.All he could talk about was the In & Out and falsly said the Govt. got "NAILED" and "CONVICTED".

    Dean Del Mastro told Owliver that Harry Potter is on the list.

    The Lead Now .ca will be coming to a city near you, as soon as its warm enough for tents and a new supply of doobies.

    Ontario Girl

  17. I'm having trouble locating that graph I saw in yesterday's Calgary Sun. Let you know if I find it.

  18. How come no one's talking about this fact from the 190 page EC report...

    Most of the rest of the document consists of reports of returning officers, deputy returning officers and other elections workers not showing up, not bringing the ballots, or leaving early. On page 158 you can read about the RCMP being called in to find a DRO and poll clerk in Fond-du-Lac. The polling station was reported closed, the Mounties found them out having dinner and ordered them back to work.

    Wonder how many times and places this happened?

  19. Not only Harry Potter but Mr Goatlips and also Pierre Poutine from seperation H Quebec.
    How do I know that?
    I put them there.
    Cheers Bubba