Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Luck To Bob Rae In Toronto-Danforth

Today the former riding of Jack Layton is holding a byelection, and I'd like to offer Bob Rae the best of luck. Isn't he the candidate? Funny how there are giant billboards advertising his face throughout the riding, meanwhile he's only supposed to be the "temporary leader". I'm willing to wager that there is not a single Nicole Turmel billboard in Jack's old stomping ground, which the NDP are likely to win no matter how often Bobby's ugly mug shows up on campaign ads. That's some kind of interim leader. Make a guy who promised to step down in a year the face of the party. Granted, some of us never believed Rae when he promised his leadership was only temporary. He wants to be Prime Minister. That's why he joined federal politics and defected to the Liberals. He's the man. He will be the Liberal leader in the next election, which I believe is what he wanted all along.


  1. Proves you can't believe a word he says. By the time he's the Prime Minister he would be in a wheelchair with a hearing aid, and less hair.People in Ontario won't vote for him.He's still dreaming in technicolor.He's too slimey.

  2. We all know Rae is going to be the permanent leader. Last May, there was a big debate about an interim Liberal leader running for the full time leadership. And if memory serves correctly, the Liberals changed their party policy so that wouldn't be possible. The Interim leader had to vow in writing not to seek the full time job. So if Rae is even allowed to run for the leadership, The Libs would be violating their own party policy. Any party that can't obey it's own guidelines, certainly can't run the country!

  3. Did Rae sign the "Coalation of the Damned", and want to take over Canada from a elected PM?

    Show his signature like the two former leader of the LIEberals.

    If DeYawn and Biffy signed, can his signature be far behind?

    Clown Party