Monday, November 28, 2011

Liberals Surge In New Poll

Don't look now, but the Bob Rae Liberals are surging in the polls up to 28% support, putting them in 2nd place, 7% behind the Tories. The question on everyone's mind, does this mean that the opposition will pull the plug on the government and try to force an early election? Hurry, get the buses ready and the lawn signs out of storage! Oh that's right I almost forgot, the Tories have a stable majority government...we no longer need to get election ready every time a good poll comes out for the Liberals. People like Nik Nanos still need to remain relevant somehow, though it is difficult for them when we do not have election speculation at every turn. You'll have to forgive our media, they still have a hangover from 6 years of minority Parliament.

What this poll means, should Bobby's Liberals hold some of this ground they've gained on the NDP, is that it will be more likely Rae breaks his pledge and runs for full time leadership when they finally get around to having a convention. A question I'd like to ask as I watch The Soloman Show, why do the Liberals send Holland, Findlay, or Kennedy to do the majority of their press spots on the politics shows? Not much talent on the actual elected team, eh? Because what I really needed today was Mark Holland getting sanctimonious about the Wheat Board. Bob probably wants to keep potential leadership contenders out of the spotlight.


  1. Polls are still relevant, and this is a great one for the Liberals. Their support is up while Bob Rae's personal numbers are done, which means their brand is stronger then many think. With a by-election coming up in Toronto Danforth Liberal support in Ontario is nearly double the NDP. A Liberal leadership will kick off in months and a higher level of support for the party should attract more candidates.

  2. Maybe the Liberals send the likes of the three you mentioned because they need the money they get from appearing on those shows.

  3. Mark the mouth? No. Mark the loser mouth. LOL
    Did you miss the lizard lady they sent in at the beggining today? She looked and sounded sick.

    Thought I'd watch some at the gym today to see if I'm missing anything.

  4. At the rate the CPC continues to shoot itself in the foot and alienate the 62%, by 2015 the Liberals could run, well, a dog named Kyoto, and still win a landslide against "one and done" Harper.


  5. Well that settles it!
    The Liberal renewal is a complete success .....well done Liberals!
    That Orange Crush has gone flat, and the LPC is flying once again.

    No need for a leadership contest, just give Bob Rae the crown and tell Harper his ' time is up'.